The shielding of the Mutua Madrid Open against the coronavirus


Ramon Diaz



Health is the number one priority in this edition of the Mutua Madrid Open. That is why the organization has established an alliance with Arquimea as a health partner so that during the duration of the tournament all the protocols for action against COVID-19 are met and to be able to enjoy the sport of racket with the maximum possible safety.

During the course of the tournament, PCR tests, antibodies and antigen tests for all professionals and members of the organization with the aim of preserving the health and safety of all those attending the Caja Mágica.

The partner that the Mutua Madrid Open will have, Arquimea, is a company that develops and offers solutions combining science and technology within the health sector and through its knowledge, technology and reliability, ensure the protection of all those who participate in the tournament.

The company leads the COVID-19 Alliance, a comprehensive service for PCR tests, antigen tests and ELISA serological tests against COVID-19, whose main characteristic is the quality and reliability of both the tests and the service provided and that also operates throughout the Spanish territory.

As far as the sanitary device is concerned, there will be one established in the Caja Mágica and another in the different official hotels where coaches, players, physiotherapists stay … The necessary tests will also be provided to the assembly companies, management and members of the organization to ensure a safe space for everyone from the start of the tournament.

Health is a priority, which is why the tests that will be carried out will be from PCR test and antibody test (ELISA), providing the results in just 4 hours and rapid antigen tests will also be done, with results in approximately 15 minutes.

Regarding the public that will attend the Caja Mágica, all the stadium seats are named, at the entrance of the enclosure the temperature of all the people will be taken. We also have a system that avoids queues or crowds of people.

All the necessary means will be used to carry out all the disinfection tasks of the stadium seats at the end of each day and will be It is mandatory to respect the safety distance and wear the mask within the facilities of the Mutua Madrid Open.

Regarding the activities that can be carried out within the Caja Mágica, a stand or boutique had to be eliminated in the commercial area, but there will be food, restaurant and music areas, always respecting security measures.

In these moments of uncertainty that we live in globally, it is necessary to have a team that is very professional and prepared to be up to the task and act with care so that this Mutua Madrid Open is an exemplary event for everyone.

This agreement will allow you to enjoy a spectacular tournament. In the men’s team, we will be able to enjoy the 5-time winner of the Ion Tiriac trophy, Rafael Nadal, and the rest of the top tennis players who gather in the Spanish capital. They will also be in the Magic Box, the current winner Kiki Bertens and other great WTA stars such as Simona Halep, Petra Kvitova or Naomi Osaka.

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