The silk scarf is back and Olivia Palermo shows how to wear it to look elegant but current

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In these times, staying as a benchmark for style is increasingly complex if the over-information is taken into account in the current fashion landscape, where both communication channels and the figure of influencers are growing like foam. But if there is someone who for more than a decade has managed to keep her position intact, it has been Olivia Palermo. The American businesswoman has an innate elegance that has made her be considered a gold mine by brands. His good taste goes beyond the trends, knowing how to masterfully adapt them to your dressing room in a natural way and always keeping its classic essence with an innovative point.

Defining the keys to your style is not easy, because one day you can wear leggings and sneakers, and the next a vintage dress with feathers and sequins only suitable for the most daring. In his case he always follows the unwritten rule of never do without accessories, even in her most casual looks. This is Olivia Palermo, who over the years has learned to sharpen her wit when the situation requires it to find the perfect style in a few minutes.

Although today masks with a wide variety of patterns and fabrics have become his fetish, what does not go unnoticed is how he uses the classic silk scarf. This complement had been superseded by the scarves, collars and pashminas, but now again claims its place in the women’s dressing room as it did back in the 1940s.How to wear it without looking dated, the ‘socialite’ has the answer, you just have to take a look at their looks to verify it.

With a bow around the neck

Examples of how to wear the scarf with a tie around the neck
Examples of how to wear the scarf with a tie around the neck – © Gtres

The ‘mood’ that triumphed in the 60s is one of his favorites with voluminous outfits, where he resorts to small scarves, which he knots well with a short bow, or as if it were a tie with two thin strips that fall gently . The key in this way lies in the choice of bold colors that radically contrast with the look. In both cases, the hairstyle is also important, and the more the hair is removed from the face so that the knot is visible, the more force it will have on the whole.

Like cowboy

& # 039; cowboy & # 039; mode, another of his favorites
‘Cowboy’ mode, another of his favorites – © Gtres

In this case, cakes with lighter prints are usually one of your most recurring options. The reason is none other than as it is a somewhat more extensive piece and with a vee finish that already adds enough power, it should be balanced with a more neutral color range so that the style is not overloaded. Another point to take into account is the way in which you are looking for a more casual finish with the mask, which although it has a completely different print, has similar tones.

Knotted over the shoulders

In this modality always opt for prints
In this modality he always opts for prints – © Instagram: @oliviapalermo

Very successful for outfits with basic single-color garments that seek to give an avant-garde touch to styling without too many complications. In this case you have to make sure the scarf is large enough to be knotted and that it is loose and with enough fabric in the knot or else it will appear that it is wider in the shoulders. A very appropriate option to bring out the brooches – an accessory that returns with great force this season.

With fall

Ideal to get the most out of your scarf
Ideal to get the most out of your scarf – © Gtres

One of the most sophisticated and uncomplicated ways it offers. Perfect to combine with classic cut coats, men’s suits, blazers or any type of jacket that has lapels that give it a point of support. In this case, the most suitable handkerchiefs are those that include some type of external adornment such as fringes, ruffles or embroidered with rhinestones, which will give it an even more exquisite finish.

In collected

Perfect to give a special touch to the hairstyle
Perfect to give a special touch to the hairstyle – © Instagram: @oliviapalermo

In addition to wearing it as a hair band, Palermo is committed to using it in buns and pigtails letting a large amount of tissue fall off. Another way to take advantage of it would be to add it to a braid as if it were one of the main strands to make it look like one more part of the hair. Perfect for when hair is not at its best and needs to be picked up.

As a mask

One of his & # 039; moods & # 039;  more recurring lately
One of his most recurring moods lately – © Gtres

His favorite lately and very original to give the outfit a twist. Instead of the patterned cloth masks that are so fashionable now, she prefers to use the FFP2 or another approved model and cover it over with the handkerchief for greater security. As can be seen in the image, geometric prints are his favorites, so much so that he has the same design in various colors.

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