The smart pool that prevents drownings and coronavirus infections

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Torrevieja is the last city that has a smart pool with which to fight the coronavirus, avoid drowning and help control capacity automatically. It is a “smartpool “designed by startup Nagi With which athletes can carry out their training without having to worry about keeping the times individually.

The pool has several sensors that allow you to control the safety distance between athletes, in addition to keeping time or preventing possible drowning. «The alert system detects when there are two swimmers within two meters of each other and for more than five seconds. At that moment, the card emits a light and the person in charge is notified that the safety space between the swimmers is not maintained, “he explains. Javier Bosch, CEO de Nagi.

The swimmer only has to wear a small sensor in his cap or swimsuit. With one click, the swimmer will be located within the enclosure both in and out of the water thanks to a tracking technology from the Spanish company Nothingbutnet.

This location allows the swimmer to be safe during the duration of his session for two reasons: the first, with the prevention of drowning since, in case of being submerged for longer than the established time, the device will issue a signal to the lifeguard or person in charge so that they can act immediately: and the second, of great importance in these times, with the possibility of real-time control of the capacity and the safety distance. In case of breaking the distance with other swimmers, the device will emit an alert that will warn the swimmer that he is not complying with it and will continue with his warning until the distance is correct.

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The triathlete Marta French, a smart pool user, believes that it is an essential aid for her training. «Thanks to this system I will have to stop looking at my watch and simply be aware of a screen that, every hundred meters, will tell me what I am doing and how I am doing in each series ”, explains the athlete.

Torrevieja is the last city that has installed this technology, but it is not the only one, Others like Oviedo, Albacete, Murcia or Valencia they already have it.

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