The Spanish economy cannot do without gas, defend the companies in the sector

Javier González Navarro




The presidents of the main Spanish gas companies have defended the role of gas in the energy transition and they have stressed that the economy cannot do without this raw material.

At the annual meeting of Sedigás (Spanish Gas Association), the President of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés, has affirmed that gas has a great future, it is the solution for the part of the economy that cannot be electrified. He recalled that gas has already replaced coal and fuel, and “it is a business with a future.”

Regarding European funds, Reynés said that they have to help Europe’s economic recovery and “must be compatible with encouraging solutions for the energy transition, as well as accelerating investments.”

The president of Enagás, Antonio Llardén, has stated that European funds “must be a means, not an objective” and stressed that not everything can be electrified, so that gas “will be a ‘bridge’ until at least 2050.”

Fernando Bergasa, President of Redexis, has made it clear that “it is not enough to have funds, they must be deployable and with the speed and adequate legislation.” He has also insisted on the need for a roadmap. And he shares the opinion that gas has a future beyond 2050, so “the existing gas infrastructures will be even more decisive then than now.”

By last, the president of Nortegas, Iñaki Alzaga, has highlighted the extensive existing gas pipeline network “that we make available for the energy transition” and has asked for a roadmap for renewable gases.

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