The style mistakes that should not be made at business lunches and dinners


Marta Benayas Alamos



December is synonymous with holidays… and Christmas, which also means that all kinds of events will take place. reunions and meetings. It is time to give gifts and, why not, receive some other whim and it is also time to give a facelift to the dressing room to prepare the looks for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. These two festivities are not the only ones to be celebrated in the coming weeks, as most calendars are full of Christmas lunches and dinners with friends. Not to mention that this year more than ever the agendas are overflowing to make up for lost time after the pandemic.

Of all of them and the one that is the subject of this article is the company, since in most cases the workers have not seen each other’s faces since mid-2020.

An occasion that usually brings many headaches in terms of style for two reasons. On the one hand, determine the outfit with which to hit and on the other loss of practice when choosing since the dressing rooms of the majority have become accustomed to the most comfortable looks in which it is difficult to find garments that are not tracksuits, leggings or sweaters.

Although the style chosen should reflect the personality of the wearer, in this case not everything goes. Well, it is very easy to cross the thin line that separates good taste from ordinariness. Whether it is a lunch or a dinner, it is convenient to sin by default and not by excess and to clear up any doubts, ABC Estilo has consulted the stylist Jesús Reyes, CEO of CoolHunting Madrid Communication and expert in fashion and protocol, so that from his expert point of view he shares the essential keys to configure a set of ten.

«Business lunches and dinners are the perfect occasion to strengthen working relationships with the team and, above all, with the executives. But a small error in protocol or styling can destroy the professional reputation of any employee and a brilliant CV. There are some essential points that must be followed and respected in order to succeed in an ‘informal’ meeting with co-workers”, he begins by saying and explains three points that cannot be lost sight of.

A blouse with a skirt is a good idea for a dinner
A blouse with a skirt is a good idea for a dinner – © Gtres

1. Wardrobe

It is important go for neutral and elegant colors when choosing ‘outfit’. Necklines or short dresses are not recommended, nor during the day and much less at night, for them. “Better opt for a tuxedo, blouse or turtleneck with elegant court shoes if it is for the night. Or for a daytime meal, resort to a lantern-sleeved blouse or turtleneck sweater and a pencil skirt, for example, or elephant-leg pants. In no case short dresses, lingerie, low-cut, with excessive brightness… This is not the occasion!».

Some outfits that are easy to wear, that adapt to all styles and never fail could be aa pencil skirt with a satin shirt and stilettos; a elephant foot pants and a t-shirt with an embroidery or some detail that makes the difference; a flared midi dress and ankle boots… Always trying to find the balance and not forgetting to add an accessory to make it look current and elegant.

Also add advice for them opt for a light blue suit by day and dark gray or pinstripes by night, with a white shirt or turtleneck sweater. He recommends not resorting to ties and not wearing reindeer sweaters, Christmas prints or the like.

2. Protocol

Olivia Palermo has a very suitable outfit for the day
Olivia Palermo has a very suitable outfit for the day – © Gtres

«You cannot forget that you are still in a work environment. For this reason, it is preferable that you do not drink more than one glass of wine or alcohol, but it is allowed to toast with alcohol. He also advises breaking the barrier of office topics and resorting to conversations more related to leisure activities such as travel, culture, music… «Never about sex and, better, and in my opinion; not tell much about each private life that may compromise us in the future.

He ends his speech with what he calls the ‘tip major’: «Wait for a colleague to leave the first one so that they don’t call you boring, but don’t be the last in the meeting either. The impression and image in a social evening of this caliber can help us improve our position or spoil our professional objectives».

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