the tights of the 80s that have returned 30 years later

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Loved and hated in equal measure, in the last decades we will have seen ‘leggings’ in countless shapes, versions, colors and fabrics, some more successful than others, more or less daring and not all equally flattering.

There are cyclist type, latex, high waist and even flared. This type of pants, usually made of elastic and tight fabric, is reinvented season after season to offer dozens of versions that they come down from the catwalks hand in hand with some of the most prestigious international firms, to cover the coat racks of the most common ‘low cost’ stores.

But this time the one that is coming back with force is a specific tights model, which became an essential in the 80s and 90s and now, some 30 years later, returns (like everything else in fashion) to become the latest trend item that every trendy wardrobe should have.

We talk about the ‘legging spindle’, now renamed as ‘leggings stirrup’ O ‘stirrup leggings’, which owe its name to its peculiar design that ends in the shape of a stirrup to place on the sole of the foot or of the shoe.

Its reappearance is related to the current commitment to rescue the fashion of the 80s and 90s, as the fashion stylist explains. Leticia Riestra: “In fashion there is little left to invent and right now we are in a cycle that gives great importance to all the trends of the 80s and 90s, even trends from the 2000s are beginning to return. This type of leggings are a consequence of this”.

From 1920 to 2021

A trend from the 80s that makes a comeback
An 80s trend that makes a comeback – © Pinterest

The first appearances of this type of pants date back to the 1920s, mainly focused on the clothing of riders to ride a horse. In the 70s, leggings abandoned their sporting function to become the indispensable garment of fashionable clubs, such as the famous Studio 54 from New York, where Olivia Newton-John O Cher they gave a good example of it. Later, with the rise of televised exercise routines with Jane Fonda as the main protagonist, they reappeared mainly in sportswear collections in the beginning and in more formal outfits on the street with Lady Di O Carolina of Monaco like some of his followers.

Several decades later, ‘they were a stirrup’ They have returned to be part of the wardrobes of the most fashion-savvy and wearing them is just a matter of time and style.

On the catwalk…

'Fuseau' Leggings  in the collections of Jacquemus, Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs
Leggings ‘fuseau’ in the collections of Jacquemus, Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs – © Gtres / ABC ES Estilo

On the catwalk: Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs O Jacquemus are some of the latest firms that have incorporated this garment into their collections. Always with elastic fabrics and with the color black as a plus point, counteracting it with ‘oversize’ garments on the upper part will visually favor and stylize the figure.

H&M, Zara, Mango o Uterqüe, among others, add to the trend by incorporating a selection of this type of tights, mainly black, with which to get hold of the garment without investing too much.

This is how it will look and how it will take

Thora Valdimars, Leonnie Hanne, Alex Rivièrey Amaia Salamanca with leggings & # 039; fuseau & # 039;  in different versions
Thora Valdimars, Leonnie Hanne, Alex Rivièrey Amaia Salamanca with ‘fuseau’ leggings in different versions – © Isntagram / ABC Style

Now, in a new reinvention of the ‘Athleisure’ inherited from the time of confinement, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Gala González wear them on the street combined with sweatshirts, sweaters and even heels. We have also seen it in the outfits of Paula Echevarría and Amaia Salamanca, among other celebrities.

Leggings & # 039; fuseau & # 039;  above the shoe
Leggings ‘fuseau’ over the shoe – © Instagram | @joeandcompany

Simple and easy combinations to make with clothes that are in all closets. «It is a very comfortable garment that you can adapt to day and night simply changing accessories or fabrics ”, explains the expert Jose Herrera, fashion stylist. Herrera proposes wearing it with a long sweater and flat shoes «to obtain a very stylish look» or «combined with sweatshirts or jackets with a stiletto that it will lengthen your leg and your silhouette».

For its part, Leticia Riestra clarifies that «you have to have a lot of fashion sense to wear them well […] When it comes to wearing them, they must be combined like any other leggings, with something looser or longer at the top, thus visually compensating and creating a more flattering effect».

The stylist continues: «It is a matter of common sense, there are bodies that are favored more than others, but can adapt to any body provided that aesthetically we know how to take care of the image of styling ».

The Expert Trick

Campaign image spring / summer season 2021
Campaign image spring / summer season 2021 – © Isabel Marant

This type of pants is comfortable but also risky due to the tightness of its fabric. «The best thing to do is to find a shoe that shows the effect and above all that it helps your legs and does not make them shorter “, explains Herrera.

Both fashion experts look at how to wear the strap on the outside of the shoe the most stylish point of this garment. “The advantage of this garment is that by having the strap attached to the foot, it will always be in place and well placed,” explains Leticia. She recommends wearing it with almost any type of footwear, but if there is a maxim to keep in mind when using them, it is that, «should never be worn with socks, unless they are not going to be seen “, clarifies the stylist.

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