The trends that will star in 2021

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The new minimalism of 1990 and 2000

The simple and austere yet sexy style of the 90s and 2000s is back. The Saint Laurent Desert Show by Anthony Vaccarello confirmed that spring-summer 2021 will see a renaissance in fashion that for years was championed by Tom Ford’s Gucci. And at Prada, after decades focused on original and unclassifiable style, they have also debuted with the minimalist creations of Raf Simons for 2021. The same has happened at Chloé, Sportmax, Acne, Givenchy or Jacquemus …

The empire of leather

Goodbye to the blazer for them this season. The leather jacket is imposed, the tight garments that mark the silhouette and close with zippers, adjusted to the neck. They are those models that James Dean and Marlon Brando wore, with a new twist at times more casual. Often returning to black or dark brown and with a very masculine cut, there are more atypical versions on the market with logos (Chanel), oversized or extra-large models (Louis Vuitton) or with a more traditional invoice (Celine).

Long live slow fashion

Slow fashion will be the star for what it means of sustainability, respect for the environment and fair trade. The use of organic products and recycling will be valued. But be careful: recycling is usually very expensive, requires a lot of energy and causes tremendous pollution: let’s resort to reuse. And let’s not be fooled by the “fake slow fashion” that masks subsidized couturiers who have never sold a lollipop: if it doesn’t sell, you’re not in the fashion world. Chanel dixit.

Online sales

It will represent the highest growth in the sector. In fact, some brands have managed to survive in 2020 by using this type of distribution channel. While in many cases the percentage of online sales was around 35% in 2019, this year Covid-19 has accelerated the trend. In 2021, many traditional companies in the sector are expected to see their online commerce exceed even 60% of total sales.

Cowboys are eternal

Back on the catwalk! This twentieth century fashion classic is once again important in the styles of high fashion brands. Whether it is to go shopping, go to lunch or even go to work, jeans enter through the front door of fashion. Valentino combines them with delicate tops, giving them an air suitable for dressed dinners. And Balmain, Celine or Chloé invent their own versions that fast fashion will be responsible for replicating with agility.

Transparency, the most sacred value

Honesty and transparency are values ​​that Generation Z, made up of those born between 1996 and 2012, has rightly imposed on our society. The pity is that fashion companies are demanded what is not demanded from the most corrupt and occult governments. The current fashion customer wants to know the composition of a garment, its origin, to know if the packaging is ecological and to check if the “charitable” initiatives that a brand advertises are carried out in full.

The new youth of yellow

Proposed by Pantone – along with gray – as one of the two colors of the year 2021, yellow has been giving a lot of play for some time. Now that he has taken the catwalks, he goes to the streets and even to confinement. We will find it during 2021 in pants, coats, jerseys and bags, whether for summer or winter. Bottega Veneta’s bags and sandals in yellow have already covered covers and blogs around the world, flooding Instagram with an optimistic and contagious light.

Tracksuits and sports shorts

The tracksuit or tracksuit, often in neoprene and with a more urban cut, returns to the catwalk as it happened in the 90s. Not only are they worn even with heels, as the great influencers from all over the world show, but the materials and details are They also make them more sophisticated, turning them into wearable pieces for day or night. The same goes for the sporty cut shorts, which have flooded the spring 2021 shows, such as at MiuMiu and Balenciaga.

Local crafts

Raising local crafts to the rank of luxury item is a purpose of all of us who believe in the urgent need to save the traditions and know-how of the past. Rewarding the former craftsman, encouraging him to take apprenticeships under his charge, giving new life to forgotten towns and villages with a sustainable economy or guaranteeing work to the most disadvantaged are some of the great satisfactions and positive externalities of resorting to local crafts.

Comfort keeps winning

Market studies reflect reality: after this year of confinement, 43% of those surveyed admit to having reduced their fashion purchases, but 50% admit to having bought more basics and clothes to be at home (McKinsey). Although comfort already prevailed before Covid-19, now brands do not even blush when they plagiarize each other the names of collections that include terms related to comfort. The most comfortable and casual footwear will also prevail.

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