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Starting a new season is synonymous with renewing the wardrobe. It is not just about buying new clothes, but also about learning how to see with different eyes what you already have in the dressing room. Facing the autumn months the point, cashmere and the most armed fabrics They gain ground and the looks of basic garments prevail over all.

With this change of season the color palette varies, with a remarkable increased neutral tones, the browns, burgundy, gray and black. But what about the strong colors that have prevailed in spring and summer? It is becoming more and more common to see fashion experts with styles in powerful tones capable of brightening up even the grayer and coldest days (even Queen Letizia also succumbs to it), hence it is essential to know what the color combinations that will triumph on the streets with which to raise the level of the dressing room.

If he ‘mix’ of pink and red was the main protagonist last fall, this time everything indicates that the winning combo will be the one formed for the blue and the bottle green. We refer to the tests, and it is enough to take a look at the guests of the last ‘fashion weeks’ to verify it.

Nieves Alvarez has been one of the most prominent examples with an outfit of Alberta Ferretti with vintage airs composed of a knitted sweater with a perkins neck and a New Look cut skirt in this color combination chosen by his head stylist, Víctor Blanco. In her case, a further step is taken by adding a turquoise hat with which it is possible to illuminate the whole more and which gives it a very fresh air.

Nievese Álvarez and Jessica Wang at Milan Fashion Week
Nievese Álvarez and Jessica Wang at Milan Fashion Week – © Gtres

ABC Estilo has spoken with him to find out first-hand some of his recommendations. «Green, turquoise or cerulean blue, as Miranda Priestly would say, are shades that are very flattering to the face regardless of whether it is blonde, brunette or redhead since they are not colors that make the face pale. What’s more, in fact the features stand out more ”, he explains and comments that if you want to achieve an ultra-sophisticated look, you should add an accessory with personality, as in his case was the hat. “These types of outfits are already quite powerful, but with XXL glasses, large earrings, stockings or a turtleneck it will be even more enhanced”, concludes the expert.

Alberta Ferretti Parade at the MFW
Alberta Ferretti Parade at the MFW – © Courtesy of the brand

They are undoubtedly colors that fit perfectly with each other and are capable of making even the simplest garments look very elegant. Perhaps that has been the reason why it has occupied a large part of the proposal of firms such as Richard Malone x Mulberry in London, or Alberta Ferretti in Milan, who have seen in them a breath of fresh air after the dark months of the pandemic.

On the left, a proposal from Zara.  On the right, Uterqüe's look
On the left, a proposal from Zara. On the right, Uterqüe’s look – © Courtesy of the brand

Other more affordable firms such as Zara or Uterqüe They have placed special emphasis on their latest collections, giving the garments an air of the seventies thanks to the abuse of prints.

In boots and stilettos it is a success
In boots and stilettos it is a success – © Instagram: @emilisindlev

For those who prefer to opt for light brush strokes, in the accessories is another sure success. Although it has been seen in bags, where they really gain prominence is in footwear, in the form of ankle boots, stilettos and also with sports (where the Nike Air Jordan are the most successful ones).

Hailey Bieber, Olivia Palermo and Emili Sindlev
Hailey Bieber, Olivia Palermo and Emili Sindlev – © Gtres and Instagram

Finally, those that they do not dare to wear it in high doses They also have a space in the Street Style with both tones a little darker with which a more discreet and equally elegant result is achieved.

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