The Valley and Turium create a pioneering training program in tourism leadership with the keys to face the transformation of the sector




The sector faces a completely different paradigm to the pre-Covid, in which the excellence, the digitization, the sustainability and the disruptive thinking they take on more and more prominence. To face its necessary transformation, it is essential that those who are going to lead the process of change towards a more digitized, efficient and profitable model are also transformed. The new professional profile demanded by the sector implies extensive expertise in the digital field and knowledge both in the trends that are to come and in the new customer archetypes that have been generated.

Because the post-covid traveler has also changed and arrives with new needs and expectations, such as, for example, the search for excellence in terms of service, a greater demand for safety in relation to hygiene and health, a determined commitment to discover the value of the local, the choice of more sustainable destinations and forms of travel.

Thus, The Valley, together with
, the business group sponsored by Vocento created to promote the transformation of the tourism model towards a new paradigm of excellence, more innovative and sustainable, has launched the Tourism Digital Leadership Program, a pioneering executive program in Spain focused on training tourism leaders exponentials that the sector demands.

Juan Luis Moreno, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at The Valley, explains that “the tourism sector is undergoing a process of radical change that is moving towards a more dynamic and demanding environment. Companies have to respond to the needs of tourists who now prioritize factors such as sustainability, the possibility of organizing their trips through innovative channels or enjoying tourism in a disruptive way through technology. But for this, it is imminent that professionals know the trends that are impacting the sector and have the knowledge and skills necessary to create innovative solutions.

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The program, which will begin its first edition in October with a duration of three months, includes the key points for industry leaders to work on to succeed in the new tourism landscape:

-Understanding of the competitive environment of the tourism sector, where traditional players compete with new disruptive players.

-Business models and work methodologies to create innovative tourism products.

-Redefinition of the value of experience in the tourism sector taking into account future trends, new types of tourism and travelers or the digital experience of tourists.

-Reflection on culture, organization and exponential leadership in an environment of constant change.

-The great areas of disruption from the technologies that are revolutionizing the tourism sector, such as the IoT, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence, and their application in business.

-Integral digital transformation strategies.

“Only through continuous training and the empowerment of talent will we be able to create a tourism model of excellence, thanks to an equally excellent human capital”, he adds German Jimenez, director general de Turium Quality Tourism.

For more information about the program, you can access here.

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