The Verano Azul route, from the Chanquete boat to Burriana beach

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Anyone who is over 30 years old will remember the Spanish Television series with a smile “Blue summer“, with which several generations shared the adventures and misadventures of a gang of summer children in Nerja. When they are fulfilled 40 years since the first broadcast (October 11, 1981), the Malaga town council has announced the creation of a thematic route that will run through the stages of the series, highlighting some of the most popular corners of the municipality. While waiting for the “Blue Summer Route” these are some of the settings from the mythical series that, 40 years later, can be visited and remembered with nostalgia.

Chanquete’s ship

“They will not move us from Chanquete’s ship, they will not move us from Chanquete’s ship …”. If you have ever hummed this song, it is that you belonged to those generations who enjoyed the stories of this gang of boys and girls of different ages led by Chanquete, an old fisherman, who lived in “La Dorada 1”, the boat where they were shot. many scenes from the series. A replica of this ship – the original was dismantled after filming – can be visited in the Parque Verano Azul in Nerja.

Balcony of Europe walk

Balcony of europe
Balcony of Europe – @

El Balcón de Europa is a beautiful viewpoint located in the center of Nerja and which was present in many of the episodes of the series. This is a perfect place to take a panoramic photo of the Mediterranean Sea or to pose next to the also famous statue of King Alfonso XII.

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Caleta beach

M. Castellano/Flickr
M. Castellano/Flickr

La Caleta beach is located in Maro, just a few kilometers from Nerja and it was on this small beach with difficult access to the shelter of cliffs that most of the scenes where the gang played and shared adventures were filmed. The scriptwriters called this beach “Cala Chica”.

Cliffs of Maro

The Maro Cliffs are a spectacle of nature that offer a rugged landscape in which the small coves alternate with the cliffs and cultivation areas. It was on one of these cliffs that one of the most memorable scenes of the series was filmed, Javi’s rescue in chapter 1.

Burriana Beach

Miguel Joven (Tito in the series), on Burriana beach
Miguel Joven (Tito in the series), on the Burriana beach – Francis Silva

The Burriana beachIt is the most visited in Nerja and one of the busiest in the province due to the large number of activities it provides. Here many scenes of the series were filmed both on the beach and in the beach bars.

Nerja Caves

Nerja cave
Nerja cave

The Nerja cave, discovered in 1959, it is one of the most impressive in the world both for its size and for its years of antiquity. Considered the “Natural Cathedral of the Costa del Sol”, it has an area of ​​about 140,000 square meters open to the public divided into three large concavities: the Tourist Galleries, the High Galleries and the New Galleries. These caves appear in one of the chapters of the series titled “Cueva de los ojos de Beatriz”.

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