The Vuelta recovers its departure from Utrecht for 2022


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Unipublic, organizer of Cycling round to spain, confirmed this Wednesday that the city of Utrecht will be the start of the race edition in 2022 and that the Netherlands will host the first three stages, thus recovering the start of the journey that it could not carry out in 2020.

“The Netherlands is once again on the road to its great project as host of the official start of La Vuelta 22. The Dutch city and province of Utrecht and its neighbor in North Brabant will be the protagonists of the start of the 77th edition of La Vuelta”, said the organization in a statement.

The Netherlands had been chosen to host the start of the 2020 edition, but the health crisis caused by the coronavirus did not allow it and the race, which had also changed its dates to autumn, finally left from Irún and could not go outside of Spain.

Unipublic indicated that “the planned preparations” for 2020 will continue for next year and that Utrecht will be the protagonist of the team presentation, the inaugural time trial and the goal of the second stage, which will begin in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, capital of the North Brabant province, while the third will run through said province with the start and finish line in the city of Breda.

«The Dutch municipalities of Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Utrecht, as well as its homonymous province and neighboring North Brabant, have been shown very excited to be able to resume the project. The Vuelta thus once again celebrates an official start from the Netherlands, thirteen years after the last time the peloton of this race passed through the territory, ”he recalled the race, which in 2009 had an iconic start from the Assen circuit.

«Back to the Netherlands, which is the cycling nation par excellence, it’s a longing we’ve had for a long time. The Netherlands is a guarantee of success at the organizational level and I have no doubt that, despite how complicated the current context is, we will be able to carry out the event safely and successfully ”, celebrated Javier Guillén, director of La Vuelta .

The manager, who pointed out that last year they were “forced to make a decision that never” had been in their plans because of “circumstances”, thanked that “the commitment of the Netherlands and their desire to celebrate La Vuelta did not They have changed not one iota in this time. It is a pleasure for us to work with entities so committed and with such a level of love for cycling, “he added.

Thus, 2022 will be the second edition of La Vuelta that starts from the Netherlands, after the one mentioned from Assen in 2009, and the fourth in total from abroad after Lisbon in 1987 and the French Nîmes in 2017.

The city of Utrecht will act as coordinator at the local level as both it and the province of North Brabant “have extensive experience hosting major sporting events in general and cycling in particular.”

«The official start of La Vuelta 22 is, if possible, more special, due to the close historical ties that unite Spain and the Netherlands and the present common projection they have at the level of environmental protection and sustainability policies. Both criteria are undoubtedly decisive when making the decision to organize the official departure from the Netherlands ”, declared the ‘great’ Spanish.

A common project

The official start of La Vuelta 22 is the result of intense and continuous work by all the entities involved. In addition to guaranteeing the reception and organization of a first-class sports project such as the start of the 77th edition of the Spanish round, the local organizing committee of ‘La Vuelta a Holland’ and all its partners are working on the elaboration of an extensive program of festive and sports activities that will cover the La Vuelta 22 peloton on its official departure from the Netherlands.

The five municipalities and provincial entities involved have joined forces to make the project a reality and will remain united to carry it out. The private sector will also be closely involved in funding the event and a state-level grant will be formally requested from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Government of the Netherlands.

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