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“If you’re sad, put on more lipstick and attack”. This year Coco Chanel’s maxim did not find a place in a society dominated by fear and the mask. More than nine months later we have become used to seeing the face of those who surround us in the middle. The pandemic changed practically everything as we knew it. All business sectors were affected, including of course the world of beauty. The mandatory use of a mask became for many the perfect excuse to give up makeup. Lipstick, the most precious item in times of recession, was dethroned. How exactly has the coronavirus affected this sector?

The mascara has become the star product
The mascara has become the star product – ABC

«Of course it has been noticed in sales and habits. He focus is now clearly on the eyes. And most of our clients demand products related to this segment. Masks of eyelashes, shadows, eyeliners and eyeliners, but it is important not to forget about the lips and skin as they are suffering a lot with the mask and it is important to take care of them, “Blanca Gallego Fernández, head of marketing and communication at the signature Kiko Milano. It is clear that the look won integers in this new era. «The mascara is the star. The more the merrier is never enough.

Most women experience in their day to day how after just a few minutes their masks are stained with cosmetics. «Can be reconciled using non-transferring products. It is also important to work the skin very well with skincare products. This ensures that you are perfect all day, “adds Gallego.

Another of the dreaded imprints of the mask on the skin turned out to be the «maskné», pimples that appear as a result of scratches and sweat. “The key is to be very rigorous with the makeup removal and cleaning process. Cleaning is vital for the skin to look radiant and luminous, but now with the use of a mask this process is more important than ever. A gentle but effective cleanser like Pure Clean Foam is a safe bet and if you have sensitive skin we have a wonderful sustainable line: Green Me ».

Despite the times, the Italian firm has not given up on launching its special Christmas collection, ‘As Precious As You’, a line of festive jewelery that brings a contemporary twist to classic beauty.

Regarding the similarity between Spanish and Italian women in terms of beauty, he highlights: «I think there is a lot of sympathy and similarities between the two. But there is something that separates us from my point of view and it is the sense of aesthetics of the Italians. They carry it in their DNA and reflect it in all aspects of their daily life. And also in makeup. Italians are not afraid to innovate and in Spain the trend is a more natural or traditional makeup ».

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