These are the best airlines in the world in times of Covid and one is Spanish

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One year after the coronavirus crisis broke out worldwide, airports are still at half gas and airlines have reduced flights. Against this background, the online travel agency eDreams has published its annual study “Best Airlines”, incorporating indicators that analyze relevant and useful information in these times of pandemic.

To prepare the ninth edition of the report, the company has surveyed 61,000 travelers and evaluated data associated with four criteria: the reimbursements made by each airline and, within this section, the average subscription time; the reliability or degree of compliance with the flight schedule after the first confinement as well as the level of flexibility offered for changes and cancellations; the safety of the experience on board, taking into account factors such as the use of a mask or the possibility of non-contact check-in, and the overall experience, which includes value for money. Another of its novelties has been the inclusion of low-cost airlines in the calculation, along with regular operators.

Qatar Airways, la favorita

Qatar Airways has been crowned as the favorite airline of users with 4.4 points out of 5. Its main strengths have been the repayment rate, valued with the highest score, and the security measures it applies, in which it has obtained 4.4 points. Very close on the podium they follow him Delta Air Lines, with 4.11 points (5 points in terms of fertilizers and another 5 points in terms of hygienic measures applied), and All Nippon Airways, with 4.09 points in which the repayment capacity (4.9 points) and security (4.4 points) have had a significant influence.

Binter Canarias, the only Spanish

In the 12th position and with a score of 3.65 it is Binter Canarias the only Spanish company that makes its way onto the list, standing out for the reliability of its route programming (4.8 points), being the best considered of the entire list in these terms as well as in terms of the general experience on board and the relationship value for money (4.2 points). Regarding the management of reimbursements, it has obtained 2.9 points and in matters related to security, 2.8 points.

Delta Air Lines, the safest

In the section related to the safety of the complete travel experience, eDreams has considered aspects such as the alternative of checking-in in a contactless way, the capacity or reduced capacity on the planes, the temperature control before boarding, the use of a mandatory mask, the offering of a hygienic kit on board, the disinfection of aircraft or the existence of HEPA air filters. In addition to the companies crowned in the first three positions, Japan Airlines, Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines have approved with a note in this regard, with a technical tie of 4.4 points.

The most faithful to the refund

One aspect that has particularly bothered travelers in recent months has been the lack of proactivity or the immobility of certain companies when it comes to managing their refunds after the wave of cancellations. Together with Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines and All Nippon Airways, British Airways (5 points), Air Baltic (5 points) and Bangkok Airways (5 points) stand out positively in this regard.

For their part, the most reliable airlines in terms of time commitment and respect for the flight schedule established after the gradual lifting of the restrictions of the first wave of the pandemic have been Binter Canarias (with 4.8 points, as indicated above), Qatar Airways (4.2 points), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Turkish Airlines, the latter three with 4.1 points.

Methodology: Report prepared by combining 61,000 opinions from travelers and an analysis carried out by eDreams with data from 667 airlines. The information on reimbursements corresponds to figures for the year 2020; the reliability rate covers the period from July to December 2020; information on flexibility and security measures was collected from airline websites in January 2021; The information on experience on board covers the period from October 2019 to March 2020.

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