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There is very little left until the campaign of the 2021 income statement corresponding to the year 2020, a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic that has seriously affected the economy of many families. As usual, Spaniards will be able to make their declaration in the month of April. Specifically, as published by the Tax Agency, the start of the term is this Wednesday, April 7 and it will end on June 30, although everything will depend on the method chosen to carry out the declaration.

The key dates of the Income Statement

As indicated on the website of the Tax agency, on April 7, 2021, the term for online filing of the 2020 Income and Equity declarations begins. May 6th The 2020 income statement can be requested by telephone and from June 2nd in person at the offices and until June 30, 2021.

To be served by the Tax Agency it is necessary to arrange a appointment, from May 4th for your attention by phone and from may 27th to go to the offices in person. The prior appointment can be requested until June 29, 2021, online or at the following phone numbers:

901 12 12 24/91 535 73 26 or 901 22 33 44/91 553 00 71

To make the declaration online, the electronic DNI or the electronic certificate may be used in the case that it is a model of natural persons, representatives of legal persons or entities without legal personality.

Individuals have an electronic DNI, electronic certificate, Cl @ ve PIN or reference number to present, where appropriate, informative and census returns, certain self-assessments, communications and refund requests, of a tax nature.

In summary:

Wednesday April 7: start of the 2020-2021 income campaign with online filing of personal income tax returns.

Tuesday May 4: from this day it is possible to make an appointment to be attended by telephone.

Thursday 6th May: the period for filing the income tax return by phone begins.

Thursday, May 27: from this moment it is possible to request an appointment to make the declaration in person at the offices of the Tax Agency.

Wednesday June 2: start the income tax return campaign in person.

Friday June 25: The term of the declarations ends with the result to be entered with direct debit.

Wednesday June 30: end of the 2020-2021 income campaign.

News of the income statement 2020

2020 has been a very difficult year. The health crisis has led to an economic crisis that has affected a large number of people throughout Spain. For this reason, the Tax Agency has published a document under the name of ‘2020 Informative Declarations Campaign | News’ to clarify some doubts that may arise.

The following sections break down some of the clarifications made in this document.

Declare an ERTE

Due to the temporary closure of a large number of premises in our country due to the epidemiological situation during 2020, many workers were affected by a File of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE). These people will not be obliged to declare for personal income tax if the sum of the work income does not exceed the 22.000 euros (normally only taxpayers with gross income below 14,000 euros are exempt from submitting this return), and if the amount received from the second and other payers does not exceed the 1.500 euros.

In the event that improper ERTES payments are produced that must later be returned by the taxpayer, this 2020, in the 190 model corresponding to the exercise, it will only be necessary to reflect the grandchild correspondent.

If the return occurs in 2021, the amounts returned will be consigned in the 190 model corresponding to this year 2021, with accrual year 2020 and a negative sign.

Extraordinary benefit to the self-employed due to cessation of activity

Self-employed workers will not have to include this benefit as one more income for the quarter in model 130 of fractional payment of personal income tax at not be considered a return on an economic activity.

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