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Moving home is always an exciting process. New home, new stage. But facing a change of residence implies the realization of a move. Although, a priori, it may seem even fun, the truth is that, for everything to go smoothly, certain basic aspects must be taken into account.

In these cases, experience is a degree. Although having undertaken many moves is not always a guarantee of success, it can be used to learn from the most common mistakes. Lack of foresight, for example, is one of the most common. Something that, added to an excess of confidence, can become the perfect combination to push anyone’s nerves to the limit.

But there is more. Whether it is the first time you are moving house or if you have several moves, this guide with some of the most frequent mistakes to avoid can be of great help.

Lack of planning

Underestimating the effort and time involved in moving is one of the most common mistakes among those who are new to independence or, simply, are facing the task for the first time. Organizing a house move is a long process and, if we want it to go well, it implies a advance planning.

It is not just a matter of choosing the day, the transport or the way in which we will make the move. Ideally, set a calendar and go completing tasks so that, when the time comes, the move does not involve a titanic overexertion.

Not having the right allies

Who more and who less has offered or even participated in a move on occasion. However, the task transcends the idyllic picture of a group of friends moving boxes between jokes and having a snack to relieve the heat of the effort. The collaboration of family and friends is always welcome but, sometimes, it is insufficient or it is simply not the most appropriate.

The lack of coordination with the “helpers” can become a real handicap, so having everything tied and well tied before the key date is more than recommended. It is also important to consider whether or not we will need to rent a van or truck, how we will transport furniture and appliances, the cost of all this … The alternative is to request a quote from specialized companies, although, in any case, it will be a key question of the organization of the move.

Overload the boxes

Starting to pack belongings can be overwhelming. In many cases, forecasts go up in the air as soon as we start taking things out of closets. One of the most common mistakes is not packing everything correctly. Delicate objects must be properly protected, either with bubble wrap or in more resistant storage solutions than the mythical cardboard boxes.

It doesn’t hurt either name the boxes And even if we talk about objects of great value, take out insurance and take an inventory of what might happen. The rush is not good advisers in this field either. Wanting to pack everything quickly can lead us to overload the boxes which, in practice, can cause both damage to our back and accidents or damage to the interior.

Lighten luggage

They are errors that can appear independently but many of those mentioned have to do with a lack of foresight and overconfidence. And the same goes for “excess baggage.” Over time, we tend to accumulate all kinds of objects, clothes, furniture and various belongings at home that end up forgotten in a corner.

A move is the perfect time to get rid of everything we do not need although, again, the lack of organization can reduce our time to make a careful selection and, consequently, end up working double.

Forget the little details

The usual image of a move is that of boxes and boxes going from one place to another. But the process also involves paying attention to other little details. Disconnect the refrigerator or freezer the same day that we leave the apartment in question, do not cancel or register supplies in the place of origin and destination or postpone the general cleaning of what was until now our home for the last day are only some examples that can complicate or delay our move.

The idea, in any case, is to approach the move without haste but without pause. Be proactive, let yourself be helped and have everything perfectly organized These are three of the basic keys that not only help to complete the task successfully, but also to avoid many of the most common mistakes in moving.

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