These are the most frequent errors in the income statement




On April 7, the statement of income, so from that moment on, anyone who wants to present it through the internet can do so. Other deadlines to take into account are from May 6, when telephone appointments begin, while face-to-face appointments are from June 2. The campaign will end on June 30.

Despite the fact that there is time, it is not advisable to leave it for the last moment, since doubts or even mistakes. ABC brings the most common.

These are the most common mistakes in Income

Do not make the declaration even if there is no obligation: those who do not meet the minimum requirements do not have to present the Income, although it may be beneficial because it comes out to return. In that case, you have to access box 670 of the draft to check the final result. If this is negative, there is a right to collect money.

Unemployment and ERTE count as payers: Everyone who has been in ERTE in 2020 has one more payer. Although many workers are not obliged to make the income, they must present it, since it is not exempt from taxation.

Fee to trade unions and professional associations: Anyone who makes payments to trade unions or professional associations can be deducted from work income.

Maternity deduction– This is another mistake on the part of some families and should be noted. Up to 1,200 euros per year can be deducted for each child under three years of age. This action corresponds to box 611 of the Income.

Family income: many families do not file the joint return. In the event that there are minors under 25 years of age, have a low income and the young person is still living at home, the family income may be presented, that is, joint. When presenting it in this way, it cannot be done individually. If it is presented jointly, there are benefits in the IFPF to take into account, among others.

Second home and rental: Another mistake is not adding the second home. This is not tax deductible, but must be included in the draft. On the other hand, if you have a rented property, you must take into account the different rental deductions that the autonomous communities have.

Deductions for large family: Another issue to consider is the deduction for large families. Each unit may be deducted between 1,200 euros and 2,400 euros for each child. In addition, 600 euros may be added for each child according to the different categories (general, three children or more) and special (five children or more).

Disabled: It is important to note that each help received by a disabled person is reflected in the draft. It should be noted that if it is higher than 33%, up to 300 euros can be deducted. Likewise, each ascendant or descendant with a disability greater than 65% may be deducted 500 euros.

Review before shipping: once the draft is ready, it should be reviewed and check that all changes have been reflected.

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