These are the requirements to be able to travel to the United Kingdom





With the summer holidays just around the corner, there are many Spaniards who already they think about traveling. Some will do it nationally and others abroad. From June 22, 2020, trips abroad are allowed, so there is no problem for all tourists who want to come, they only need to present a proof anti-Covid negative.

In spite of everything, there are other countries that may put restrictions on travel, such as UK. The British country decided not to include Spain on the green list of destinations, so there are a number of restrictions that tourists must comply with.

It must be clarified that the British can reach Spain without problems, but not the other way around. The main restrictions that must be met are the following: mandatory 10-day quarantine and submitting a negative proof of PCR upon arrival in the country.

As if that were not enough, during the quarantine that must be done there will be two tests that the traveler must undergo: one on day 2 and another on 8. The total cost of the tests is 210 pounds and it is paid by the tourist. These requirements must be met by all people, including British, flying to the UK.

Fines for skipping lockdown

All travelers going to the United Kingdom must provide the personal and contact details. If you refuse to do so, you will have to pay a fine of £ 100. In the event that the confinement is not complied with, it will imply a penalty of 1,000 pounds.

For those who change their address during the lockdown and they have not communicated it, they will have to pay a fine of 3,200 pounds.

Once the quarantine and all the tests have been negative, the person can lead a normal life, although they must comply with the restrictions that are currently in force in the country, such as frequent hand washing, keeping their distance and wearing a mask in some indoor places.

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