These are the requirements to travel to Germany





Travel to germany it is possible for all Spanish tourists, at least for the moment. The German country, like the vast majority, impose a series of rules that must be followed in order to cross its border.

In this way, all national tourists who want to travel to Germany will be able to present the European Union Covid Digital Certificate, where it indicates if any vaccine authorized by the EMA, if any test against the coronavirus has been done or finally if the disease has been passed in the last six months.

If you do not have the ‘Covid passport’, you will have to get one PCR test O antigens. Germany asks that these tests, which must be negative, have to be done in the 48 hours prior to the trip. Children under 6 years of age are not subject to taking these tests.

There is no quarantine for travelers from Spain if they meet the above requirements. In the event that they are not met, there will be a 10-day isolation, which can end after five days if a test is done and it is negative.

Germany has no other restrictions. For example, him use of the mask It is not mandatory outdoors, but it is required in enclosed spaces and on public transport. As to hostelry They are open with restrictions.

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