These are the six decoration trends that will succeed in 2022

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1. The natural style

House of the world

It’s 2022 at natural, sustainable and eco decoration It is postulated as the trend capable of coping with discouragement and stress with furniture and objects that connect us with nature, the landscape and the earth, without the need to turn the house into a garden, although it is also. At his side, craft becomes true luxury, handmade pieces, with a careful, concrete and sincere manufacturing process; and biophilic design, which builds bridges and stairs to nature so that it becomes part of both buildings and interior decoration.

2. The curves


At a time when the house is a refuge, the place to recharge the batteries and disconnect from outside noise, curves stand as the queens of furniture, thanks to its rounded shapes that seem to embrace and welcome. But they will not only be seen in the furniture, but also in constructive solutions such as arches or in key elements such as the kitchen island.

3. Colors with personality


Although ‘Very Peri’ is the color of the year according to Pantone and sky blue takes over the walls according to Bruguer, 2022 is the year of the strong and invigorating colors. Thus, essentials such as brown, terracotta, explosive red and orange take over from neutrals and pastels, tones that have been dressing the house for several seasons. They are shades with personality and character that are inspired, how could it be otherwise, in fashion. Appreciated on accent walls (as the technique of highlighting a single wall panel is known) or as small touches on household linen, they skillfully display their energy on furniture.

4. Authentic materials


This 2022 is the year to wonder what are furniture and fabrics made of who dress the house The raw materials that create imperfect but sincere objects, such as plaster pieces, steel lamps, natural cushions or marble coffee tables, recover value, leaving room for metal and lacquer. yes, showing a more sophisticated and less rustic version. Obviously wood, although dark tones such as walnut, is presented as an unbeatable in interior decoration. Materials that underline the memory of the past, craftsmanship and uniqueness.

5. Hi prints

Cole & Son (in Pepe Peñalver)

unstoppable, the prints they have the virtue of endowing the pieces of the house with daring and originality. Minimalist sobriety gives way this year to a series of prints ready to make places special. The abstract, floral and art themed ones will be available in many different ways. However, the opulence will be the key word: mix & match and XXL prints will be the kings of home fabrics.

6. XXL ceiling lamps

Original BTC

Whether or not they are made of vegetable fibers, large ceiling lamps are one of the fashions of 2021 that will continue in 2022. Although the wall lights and the floor and table models are essential, the suspension lamps are the undisputed stars of the decoration. Of course, always in XXL size. Perfect for the dining table or to give the living room a plus of style.

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