They recommend spaces of serenity and emotional support to the children in the face of the EBAU

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As every year with the arrival of the month of June, thousands of high school students face the university entrance exam, the EBAU, a moment full of tension for the students who play access to university careers in this test. your choice. The first thing, as Antonio Milan Fitera, director of the Education Degrees at CEU San Pablo University, explained in statements to Europa Press Television, is “to realize that it is normal to find oneself in this situation.”

“The important thing is that they realize that everything they have learned during this year and during the previous year they know and have assimilated, no matter how nervous they are before the test,” said the academic, insisting that the latter days before the exam, all that remains is to consolidate the knowledge that has already been acquired throughout high school, and that once the appointment arrives, the knowledge will flow on paper. “Without getting nervous,” said Fitera, “because those nerves grip and block the head.”

That is why the director of the Grades has recommended to the students a series of strategies to temper their nerves and maintain serenity in the days before the test, such as taking care of sleep or playing sports to clear ideas. “Trying to avoid contact sports such as football, or sports that can cause an injury and that by a fortuitous blow make you lose the test”, the teacher has clarified.

The professor at the CEU San Pablo University has also offered advice to the parents of the pupils who face the university entrance test, stating that they have a «Key role for children to face the EBAU in a successful way». Milan Fitera has highlighted the importance of parents emotionally accompanying their children at this time, since they have suffered a very hard year full of uncertainty due to the pandemic.

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One of these recommendations is to create environments of serenity within the home., trying to avoid discussions, facilitating the rest of the students and avoiding generating anxiety with recurring questions about the state of preparation of the exams. Another recommendation for parents is to explain to their children that the feelings of stress they experience are totally normal and convey the message that regardless of the test result they will be there to offer their support.

The teacher also indicated that this year has been especially hard for the students, who have suffered “significant emotional wear”. An indicator of the emotional cost that the pandemic has had on high school students has been the number of anxiety attacks registered in students. “Specialists say that one in four students have had anxiety attacks, panic attacks or depressive symptoms due to the situation we have experienced,” Milan Fitera highlighted. «It is logical, they have had a situation that they had never experienced before and that has affected them a lot. That emotional exhaustion must be taken into account, and logically determines the test, explained the teacher.

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