This is how WhatsApp will allow you to use your account on multiple phones





WhatsApp work continues on future multi-device functionality, which will allow users to use the same account from multiple smartphones. As the months of development go by, it is gradually revealed exactly how the tool will work, which has been beta-tested since 2020. Recently, the portal specialized in information about the messaging “app”, WABetaInfo, has discovered in version of the application for iOS, that is, iPhone, that WhatsApp is working on two versions of this function.

On the one hand, the application is working so that the user can use an account from WhatsApp Web, which is the computer version of the platform, without the need for the user to have the “smartphone” connected to the internet. Likewise, the application will allow the Internet user to send messages using the same phone number from four different devices. For this it would not be necessary that all the “smartphones” were connected to the network. Only the one you want to use. Likewise, it is expected that there will be a main mobile, and that the rest will only be linked devices in which the Internet user wishes to use the account temporarily.

This will close an account

WABetaInfo has discovered in the beta what an iPhone user will have to do to log out of the app when using it from a paired device specific. This can be done from the “Close session” option, which will now occupy the site where “Delete my account” is now listed in the “Account” tab in the “Settings” section of the messaging “app” .

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“According to our tests, the function works without problems in the versions of WhatsApp Messenger and Business, and will obviously also be available in WhatsApp for Android. We want to remember that multi-device completely changes your WhatsApp experience, so WhatsApp is really developing it carefully and there is no date available for the launch, “they explain from WABetaInfo.

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