this is the clothing made with mushrooms that triumphs in the world of fashion


Maria I. Ortiz



the industry of fashion predicts a new year between hallucinogenic prints, mushrooms and all kinds of mushrooms giving rise to a wardrobe full of color and above all, more sustainable. If on the big screen, Hollywood already advanced the documentary ‘Fantastic Fungi’ in which the hope of humanity is based on mushrooms; fashion also takes action on the matter with its own allegations.

Mushroom print sweater (€17.95)
Mushroom print sweater (€17.95) – Zara

“Mushrooms are the future of fashion”, sentenced her own Stella McCartney in one of his last fashion shows in which he presented his next collection for spring/summer 2022 and in which mushrooms were a recurring theme; from its prints to the first bag made with Mylo, a vegan leather made from mushroom roots.

And it is that, according to the latest report of the fashion search engine Lyst, the ‘fungus mania’ has generated a remarkable increase in searches in the last three months, growing by up to 37% searches for articles containing the keyword “mushroom”.

Mushroom fabric, future textile

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