This is the interactive map that shows the assault on the US Capitol through videos


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2021 is just a couple of weeks old. But it has ended up being enough time to leave us all wide-eyed at least a couple of times. Because not every year you see half of Spain, and all of Madrid, covered by a white and icy blanket. And not every year a group of people try to storm the United States Capitol. This second fact, which has no equal in the most recent history of the (young) country, is still going on. At the moment, it has cost the US President, Donald Trump, a couple of “impeachments” and, at least, the accounts of three social networks. The joke on the social network has also been expensive Speak, which has seen how Amazon, Google and Apple threw the lock due to the lack of moderation on the content that their users pour.

Precisely, the videos uploaded to this platform on January 6 by the agitators have been used by an American developer, known as Patr10otic, for geolocate them in the surroundings of the heart of American democracy and thus create an interactive map of the assault. This was possible, according to “Vice”, thanks to the action of a “hacker”, who “saved” 56.7 terabytes of Parler data before its deletion. Its objective was that this information help to better understand the events that occurred in Washington D.C. that day. “Everything we obtained was publicly available on the web, we only took a permanent public snapshot,” said the “hacker” in that medium.

You just have to click on the locations to display the video
You only need to click on the locations to display the video

In the interactive map created by Patr10tic you can see images of the protesters marching at ease inside the Capitol. Whether it was walking around and throwing slogans or, directly, raiding offices. There are also several in which the exteriors of the building are crowded with people. “I didn’t need terabytes and terabytes of videos, just the ones that were on the capitol grounds, so I sorted the gps coordinates based on proximity and got the video IDs only for those files,” says the “hacker” about the mechanism he used to locate the videos on the map.

«Vice» collects that, so far, the map it has about 50 geolocated videos of the protesters. To do this, they are uploading Parler’s rescued videos to YouTube.

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