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During the months of restrictions, the ‘loungewear’ or what is the same, the trend that bets on wearing comfortable clothes It has become a key piece in the wardrobes of those who know the most about fashion. In the last few months the demand for these garments has grown 239% compared to the previous year, according to a report by Lyst, the global luxury fashion search engine that ranks the most popular brands and products on the Internet.

In the analysis of the last months it is clear that signature pajamas grew 336% compared to the previous year with Derek Rose, Calvin Klein y Dolce & Gabbana among some of the most sought after brands. Not in vain, Dior launched the collection a few months ago Home, the Maison’s first capsule collection entirely dedicated to loungewear, designed by Maria herself Grace Chiuri during confinement and paying homage to the art of relaxing at home in style. In recent months, the pajamas in this collection have been the best-selling garment in its online store.

Pajamas from the Dior Chez Moi collection with shirt (€ 1,550) and shorts (€ 1,400)
Pajamas from the Dior Chez Moi collection with shirt (€ 1,550) and shorts (€ 1,400)

In pajamas to the street, by Zoom and to telework

Sarah Jessica Parker with a pijama de Intimissimi
Sarah Jessica Parker with a pijama de Intimissimi

It is not a new trend since we have seen outfits on the street for several seasons and it does more than Sarah Jessica Parker she wore the famous satin two-piece by Intimissimi in 2018, further consolidating the fashion of dressing with lingerie. In the 78th edition of the Golden Globes, It was Jodie Foster who brought it back on stage, in this case in a video call to collect his award, from the sofa at home, with a Prada model from € 1800 and styling thought out to the last detail. Because dressing in pajamas is not as simple as it might seem at first glance and it does not mean by any means getting out of bed into the street with the same ‘uniform’.

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Dressing in pajamas involves thinking about every detail of the style to avoid making the mistake of going out with a disheveled and with little style. Your comfort is inherent And for this spring the variety of possibilities is infinite, combining it with sports shoes to achieve a casual look or with high-heeled sandals to achieve a more elegant style will be the key to take into account to get it right.

This is how they carry it

Tamara Falcó, Gigi Hadid and Paula Echevarría with pajamas
Tamara Falcó, Gigi Hadid and Paula Echevarría with pajamas

Many have been famous and expert in which they have opted to wear their pajamas on the street and on social networks, joining what is possibly the most comfortable trend of all time. From Tamara Falcó to Naty Abascal, Nieves Álvarez, Gala González, María Pedraza or María F. Rubíes, among others, they know that pajamas can go beyond bedtime and have shown it in different versions and styles.

With more daring designs with prints than other more classic smooth and edging. Combined with trainers, with court shoes or even with high-heeled sandals and jewelry to add a sophisticated and elegant touch.

Where to find the pajamas that are sweeping?

María F. Rubíes with THE-ARE pajamas (€ 39.95 and € 24.95)
María F. Rubíes with THE-ARE pajamas (€ 39.95 and € 24.95)

One of the firms ‘made in Spain’ that triumphs with his collection of pajamas is THE-ARE, a Valencian brand that decided to bet on this type of garment driven by the new habits of the pandemic in which sales of clothing for parties and events – its main product – have been seriously affected. “We think that we had to reinvent ourselves to move on […] We did not want them to be simple pajamas, but very striking, special ones, the kind that you need to have in your closet “, he says. Dew Bottle, founder and designer of the brand. His first collection was a success and from there came collaborations such as the one they have launched in recent weeks with the influencer Maria F. Rubies, which has made their original designs even more visible.

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One of the pajamas from the Bliss collection that has been the best seller of THE-ARE (€ 39.95 and € 29.95)
One of the pajamas from the Bliss collection that has been the best-seller of THE-ARE (€ 39.95 and € 29.95)

The objective of their pajama collections is to make those who wear them feel good even when they are at home, “Now we spend a lot of time indoors and that does not mean dressing in any way. We are convinced that how you dress affects your mood and with our pajamas we want to make you feel good “, explains Rocío. THE-ARE has matching pajamas with a very fluid satin fabric that is pleasant to the touch. Among its best-selling models are those of the BLISS collection with @mariafrubies, the Joyfully model and the Easily, both two-piece sets where color is the main protagonist.

To go out, the designer proposes any of the ‘total looks’, «I take them to come to the office many times. That is suitable for the most daring». While for those who just want to try, they can combine it with jeans providing a more casual and sophisticated touch.

One of the proposals of Mirto's pajama collection for this spring 2021
One of the proposals of Mirto’s pajama collection for this spring 2021

Another Spanish firm that this season is committed to including a proposal with pajamas «to go out on the street» is Mirto, with a collection in which to find from the most classic shirt pajamas to others made in silk satin, with lots of color, pockets and flowing silhouettes that stylize the figure and become perfect outfits to go out of the house. “We have reinvented the pajamas to turn it into a piece of design and elegance so that you can dress 24 hours a day,” they explain from the firm.

A great sales success among which differentiates different types: «As garments for 24-hour use, printed pajamas are more preferred, especially those made with silk that give the garments a distinguished and special touch. While for sleeping or being at home, cotton garments are usually more successful», They say. Mixing them with other garments will be the key for those who want to start in the trend.

In the midst of a pandemic, Wafflie Wear, the signature of Naty Abascal and the designer Pablo Galán her colorful unisex pajamas were running out of stock. A great sales success with designs that we have seen famous such as Nieves Álvarez, Paula Echevarría, Jorge Vázquez or Naty herself on Instagram.

There are also personalized ones with initials, such as those of Vicky Bargalló, one of the signatures that showed the own Tamara Falco in their nets with a white design, two pieces of classic cut poplin with powder pink velvet trim. The celebrity has opted to wear pajamas on more than one occasion and we could also see her with one of the models from the new collection of Casilda Finat, among which it has incorporated two-piece pajamas with ethnic touches and a very elegant fabric.

How elegant are also the proposals of the Spanish firm House of Bows, in which they propose edged designs made with 100% organic cotton, devised by the designer Jorge Parra.

Outside of Spain we also find interesting proposals such as those of the Ukrainian firm Sleeper with sophisticated designs with feathers on cuffs and hems that you have surely seen on social networks. The latest collection inspired by the 20s of the Londoner Olivia Von Halle that we have been able to see celebrities like Rihanna or Gigi Hadid; or the pajama line that just launched Alexa Chung baptized AC Sleep, with satin pajamas and other striped ones of masculine inspiration. “I like to wear the pajama shirt in size XL, grandfather style on vacation combined with sandals, fluid tops with jeans and heels at night and full pajamas for bedtime or when I go by plane,” explained the founder .

Olivia Von Halle and Alexa Chung signature pajamas with one of their pajamas
Olivia Von Halle and Alexa Chung signature pajamas with one of their pajamas

A wide and varied offer, with pajamas ranging from the most classic and masculine designs, to a functional aesthetics, sophisticated and minimalist. Clear proof that pajamas will become a fundamental wardrobe garment in the coming seasons blurring the boundaries between street clothes and being at home.

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