Three new faces at the last stop before the Eurobasket

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The selection windows for the Eurobasket are over. A space of difficult analysis, where promising young players and less media players dress up as stars, even if only for a few days, to take their teams to the big events. The glory will be for others but a job well done is fine. Scariolo’s Spain, already classified since November, will play today (20:30, Be Mad) against Poland and on Sunday (17:30, Be Mad) against Israel in the last break before the great European event that will be held, if the pandemic allows it, in Germany, the Czech Republic, Georgia and Italy in 2022. The Italian coach, in this last season, has awarded his first call to Fran Guerra (Lenovo Tenerife), Miquel Salvó (San Pablo Burgos) and Joel Parra (Joventut).

Guerra (28 years old, 2.14 meters) is being a piece of relevance in the Lonovo Tenerife, scoring just over seven points per game and showing great connection to his team’s talented point guards, Marcelinho Huertas and Bruno Fitipaldo. Miquel Salvó, for his part, is the starting forward of one of the fashionable clubs, San Pablo Burgos. The people of Castilla-Leon were proclaimed intercontinental champions in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the month despite the fact that only five years ago they played in LEB Oro. Finally, Joel Parra, is another of the projects (20 years) that La Penya has among its squad, a profile that responds to the National Team’s intentions for the great young talents on the national scene.

Spain has obtained two two victories and two defeats in this window, with the calm that the results of November had provided. Scariolo spoke about the list he has put together for this latest test in Eastern Europe. It’s pretty new. In fact, regarding the game we played in Zaragoza against Poland, there is none of the five headlines», Explained the coach, who also delves into how these windows are a great incentive to generate and educate players in sports culture who at any time could go back to the senior team.

The list is completed by Ferran Bassas (Joventut), Jaime Fernández (Unicaja) and Sergi García (Andorra) as bases, Francis Alonso (Unicaja), Jonathan Barreiro (Zaragoza), Darío Brizuela (Unicaja), Xabi López-Aróstegui (Joventut), Oriol Paulí (Andorra) as players outside and Víctor Arteaga (Students) and Rubén Guerrero (Unicaja) as interiors.

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