Three style lessons to learn from the star of Emily in Paris


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The character played by Lily Collins in the new series Netflix She has joined the roster of style icons with her flashy looks on the streets of Paris, where she lands her dream job at a renowned marketing agency.

upon release ‘Emily in Paris’ the world was quick to mock its protagonist’s extravagant and exaggerated style. In the second season, the character brought to life by Collins continues to be aesthetically very striking, but with a twist adapted to the most recognizable Parisian elements: “Emily loves color, bold outfits, prints and silhouettes, but she has a style highest parisian. We’ve introduced more bold colors to her wardrobe, like yellow and purple», explained Collins herself in an interview.

It is no coincidence that the director of the series, Darren Star, have relied on the same stylist of ‘Sex in New York’ to help in the choice of costumes for the characters. Patricia Field has collaborated with Marylin Fitoussi, the costume designer, to create Emily’s own outfits, which in a way are inevitably reminiscent of the famous Carrie’s style. “I was very inspired by the 1951 film, ‘An American in Paris.’ The fashion, the women, the love for the city and the optimism of the time”, affirmed the stylist herself.

A series in which fashion has become another protagonist at the hands of Collins, turned into a breath of fresh air, fun and with the licenses that only fiction allows; since obviously a young woman who is just starting her career in marketing cannot afford a wardrobe full of all kinds of haute couture clothing and accessories. Between wide array of brands that Emily wears you find signatures like Chanel, Stephane Rolland, Chloe, Diane von Furstenberg, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Louboutin, Sandro, Moschino, Versace, Off White The Vivienne Westwood.

Darren Star, creator of the series, is aware that Emily’s style conquers her audience: “She is a character that she has a great time with fashion, and I think the audience has fun with that,” he explains. A series turned into fashion catalog from which to draw several style lessons, from the hand of the expert styling team:

Have fun dressing up

The styling team emphasizes fun as the purpose of the wardrobe
The styling team emphasizes fun as the purpose of the wardrobe – Netflix

Play, invent, reinvent and put color, color is happiness and the protagonist makes it clear with her multicolored outfits. In this sense, Field speaks of “happy clothes”. “I love the color. It allows me to create different combinations that attract attention. Emily is the perfect girl to wear color because when we started I was told she was from the American Midwest, so her style is from there. I think that in the previous season we found the ideal recipe for it, and the color has contributed a lot to it. People like color, and today they need it. When the first episode aired, I couldn’t stop hearing how hilarious it was to watch Emily in Paris during the pandemic, and how it helped lift people’s spirits. That made me happy, so I hope that this season’s clothes continue to make the public happy, “explains Field in an interview published by Netflix.

mix to win

The mixture of both colors and prints as well as all kinds of brands is an unmistakable sign of the protagonist
The mixture of both colors and prints as well as all kinds of brands is an unmistakable sign of the protagonist – Netflix

“Part of the success of the first season was that the freedom our locker room gave people to mix things up however they liked. It showed that they could combine polka dots with stripes, mix colors and not limit themselves. My motto is always that ‘too much good taste is boring’. My hallmark is eclecticism and mixing everything. So if you thought that the first season is a little too much, a little flashy, then the second will be more like that. Emily has a strong personality and we will keep her looks that way this new season”, argued Marylin Fitoussi for the same interview.

“In the series we only buy something new if we need it the next day and it can’t get to us in time as a loan. I love vintage stores and I am friends with the owners of most of those in Paris. They call me when they have unique or special pieces, something normal mortal people would shy away from. For season 2 I have decided combine a haute couture piece, such as Dior or Balmain, with a young designer, with a vintage piece, with something you can find in Zara The H&M» continues Fitoussi.

forget the trends

The outfits of the series are a wide catalog of garments and brands
The outfits of the series are a wide catalog of garments and brands – Instagram

“I wanted to show new ideas to the public. In the previous season we used a lot of black and white, so I didn’t want to do that anymore. And obviously we didn’t want to go back to the ‘bucket’ hat, because we don’t want to bore the public. We don’t want you to think, “Oh, I’ve already seen it.” We wanted to offer something new, exciting and interesting. fashion flows, and the most important thing about fashion, as far as I know, is that, like other forms of art, it is a mirror of the times. Whatever the time, you will see it reflected in fashion. but in the series We try to avoid trends. I never tire of saying that trends die soon; trends lose steam very quickly», declares Patricia Field.

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