Three towns in Zaragoza with excellent wineries and the eternal memory of Goya

Juan Fernandez-Cuesta



Fuendetodos, where Francisco de Goya was born, is a few kilometers from the capital of one of the three wine-producing areas of the province of Zaragoza: Carignan. 25 kilometers to the west, is the first stage of the three that we will travel, along with Calatayud and Muel. The Grenache grape dominates a third of the vine’s growing area, which reaches a total of fourteen thousand hectares in this Denomination of Origin, based in Cariñena itself.

Villanueva de Huerva it is one of the fourteen municipalities within the DO Cariñena. There is the cooperative Nuestra Señora del Pilar, one of the four in the region that joined in 1997 to form a

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