Tia Mowry’s quadruple bun Half Updo has more drama than a soap opera – see photos


If you are new to trying new hairstyles, you just know this Tia Mowry is not. Actually the family meeting star shared with Curls that today all she wants to do is have fun with her hair. “I feel like my hair has become an accessory,” she said. It feels like she has a new style every time we blink, and her Instagram serves as an archive for all of these gorgeous looks. So we can never miss the next change.

On September 15, Mowry leaned into an edgier look with a half-up curly hairstyle full of buns that reminds us of Scary Spice’s most iconic hair moments. This hairstyle wasn’t actually the focus of the short clip Mowry posted to Instagram. She started the video by strutting towards the camera in an all black outfit with a studded skirt before bending down. With a wave of her hand over the camera, her black outfit was gone and replaced with a lime green skirt suit. But her twisted hairstyle stayed.

The front half of her tresses was parted into four sections, which were then twisted to form medium-sized buns on top of her head. These weren’t exactly messy buns, but they weren’t wrapped so tightly that strands of hair couldn’t escape. Each textured bun was a slightly different size and shape. The rest of her curls flowed behind her and fell past her chest area. Towards the end of the video, she gave a model-worthy hairdo that would fit right into any Pantene commercial.

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