Tommy Dorfman’s 30th Birthday Mini Dress pictures


Tommy Dorfman entered a new decade with a short dress that was worth celebrating. In honor of his birthday on May 13, the actor shared a post on Instagram with the caption “30 !!!!!!” Wear a slightly transparent, glossy black shift dress with diagonal seam details. The long collar of this dress was offset by its sleeveless silhouette and short hem.

The clean and shiny appearance of the “13 Reasons Why” star’s birth is currently in the top two spring trends. We’ve seen some highlights of the glossy look this season, from Kim Kardashian’s black latex body dress to Lana Kendron’s A-line blue navy blue dress and Gigi Hadid’s brown latex dress. Meanwhile, Doa Lipa’s blue Prada dress, Olivia Rodrigo’s mini-dress and of course Matt Gala Kardashian’s controversial dress were as transparent as the fashion girl’s birthday suit.

Dorfman’s birthday dress was designed in part by Tyler Angino, who also designed his Matt Gala style for the recent Glamor Gold-themed event, where he stared at Christopher Kane’s futuristic, long gown with green forest rubber material. Angino enlisted the help of stylist David Cassavent, hairdresser Blake Eric and hairdresser Celia Burton for this minimalist birthday look. To make the classic shift more spicy, Dorfman decorated two gold rings of Darius jewelry that were stacked on one finger. One was a simple, large ribbon with a small, single diamond. The other was a very timely toi et moi with an emerald and a diamond side by side.

To see more details of Dorfman’s birthday dress, see his Instagram post above.

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