Tracksuit with heels and other style tricks of the Nordic influencers

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When referring to the Nordic style it is inevitable that the ‘fun’, the Scandinavian concept used to name everything that is pleasant, harmonious, warm, comfortable or serene, and that for just five years seems to have become essential in other European countries. That idea can be extrapolated from to decoration or even to fashion, and it is that in that culture all this is closely related.

Precisely this seems to be the secret of the success of the influencers from there, who have achieved international fame thanks to to her carefully disorganized outfits, in which entropy comes into play in a masterful way, fitting in perfectly with this idea of ​​harmony away from formality.

Thora Valdimars, Pernille Teisbaek, Jeanette Maedsen, Emili Sindlev. These names are probably not as well known as that of other influencers such as Chiara Ferragni, Dulceida or Ester Expósito, but the truth is that outside our borders all of them are considered full-fledged fashion prescribers. They have managed to make ‘street style’ a true source of inspiration for other mortals thanks to a series of patterns that are repeated in your Instagram photos. And it doesn’t just have to do with clothing, the settings also matter: urbanites, serene and with an avant-garde brushstroke.

As for their wardrobes, there are garments that are not lacking, such as the XXL coats, oversized blouses, tracksuit in a wide range of colors and a long range of boots, stilettos and country accessories such as raffia baskets, straw hats or dresses with ‘liberty’ flowers.

Nowadays, dressing like a duvet is synonymous with good taste, elegance and versatility, and achieving this can be quite easy with a series of key points andAmong those who can not miss minimalism combined with the occasional more classic brushstroke and a base in neutral tones. Below are the other essential keys to emulate any Nordic ‘insider’ worth its salt.

Tracksuit with heels

One of the essential looks in your wardrobe, and if you are Nordic you have to know how to cope with the cold without losing style. That’s why they don’t cut corners when it comes to putting on ‘oversize’ sweatshirts, ‘baggy’ pants with rubber bands on the ankles with ‘chunky sneakers’ during the day and heels for a more special occasion. A contrasting note that years ago could have been in bad taste and is now very well seen. You know that “never say never”, and if it is about trends, even more …

Or with boots

Another alternative to sneakers are boots, especially biker style ones. Another of his maxims is to combine this garment with more formal accessories, from the bag to the coat, where classic and ‘oversize’ cuts prevail.

The longer the dresses, the better

Who knows if low temperatures are responsible for these preferences, but the truth is that when it comes to dresses, the longer the better. In this area, both the ‘boho’ style paired with men’s trench coats or jackets as the most discreet in comfortable fabrics that fall delicately and adapt to feminine curves.


Living in a cold country is what you have. But far from configuring a style that is too ostentatious, they follow the premise of resorting to the same color palette in which straight cuts abound. This way you can add layers and layers without being too cluttered.

Neutral yes, thank you

Gray, camel, beige and white. These four colors are among your favorites and are very suitable to continue with this mantra of peace and serenity. A color range that tends to break by adding a more striking complement in both shape and color and that finishes off the look.

Risky prints

In contrast there are also those that resort to the most varied patterns and they combine them in a cheeky way, without fear. Stripes with flowers, squares and polka dots … Only suitable for the less discreet.

Large accessories

In general, everything XXL is the result of his devotion since an easy result is sought that it seems that too much has been planned. This is precisely where oversized accessories with bulky shapes come into play, from bags to hats to sunglasses. The bigger the better

Shoulders with volume

Following this premise, the Nordics also bet on the eighties cuts with very marked shoulders and waists. They usually combine it with another tighter garment with which to balance the look and do not think twice when adding large doses of color.

Informal tailoring

The Nordics are specialists in making the ‘athleisure‘his mantra. Or in other words, wear a suit with trainers or a skirt with a sweatshirt without losing an iota of grace. Among its basics there is no lack of palazzo pants with wool jumpers, a classic two-piece with caps, or blazers with sweatpants.

An ode to the point

This fabric has been gaining ground in the last two seasons and they They wear it not only in sweaters and jackets, but in ‘total looks’ composed of shorts and cardigans or skirt and top.

Sandals with socks

Indeed, what seemed like it could never become fashionable they have turned into a trend and with a lot of style. How? Combining socks in neutral tones with ultra feminine sandals that give them a sophisticated touch. His favorites include Birkenstock or the latest models of Bottega Veneta.

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