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Using a real estate agency can save time and effort when selling a home, especially in areas with high supply or low demand. However, when deciding on an intermediary, with the added cost involved, it is advisable to follow a series of tips that allow you to choose well to the professionals to whom the task is to be entrusted.

Knowledge of supply and demand in the area, analysis and marketing tools, sales skills, knowledge of procedures and obligations … Without a doubt, a good real estate agency can offer a series of services to which the individual usually does not have access. As long as you have competent experts.

The wide offer of real estate agencies, with their respective peculiarities and small print, can make the choice complicated, but the decision is simplified if some recommendations are followed.

Agencies with or without commission

The traditional agencies, which charge their services with a percentage of the sale price, have been joined in recent years by online agencies, without commission, to which a fixed is paid at the beginning of the sales process or with the sale itself.

One and the other are not distinguished only in the existence of a physical office, in the way of relating to the owner and in the way of payment, but also offer different services to their clients (or they charge separately for them, in the case of many of the agencies without commission) and they follow different strategies.

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Traditional agencies usually charge a commission of between 3% and 5% of the sale price, in the event that this occurs. In this price they include a comprehensive service, ranging from advice and market study to promotion, management of visits and processing.

For its part, although cheaper, online agencies do not include all these services in the price, in addition to offering a less personalized advisory service. So it is common for the owner to be responsible, for example, for visits to the property of interested buyers, or pay for them separately.

It is possible that the seller sees his needs covered with the services of an online agency, or that on the contrary, those of a traditional agency are more suitable. In any case, It is advisable to compare between the offer of several professionals, of whose particularities and services it will be necessary to inform very well.

Among these services, one of which the sale of the property will depend is the marketing plan to be carried out by the agency. What each real estate includes and does not include in this sense will be essential to decide on one or the other.

Questions such as how long they have been working in the sector, their training or their knowledge of the market in the area will also serve to get a better idea of ​​the work of an agency and its professionals. It may also be useful in this regard to consult the opinions and reviews of other clients. or even arrange a visit to visit a property that it manages, to check in situ the way of working and the seriousness of the agency in the face of buyers.

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The questions that the real estate agent asks the owner in his first contact, and the questions that he asks, also say a lot about his knowledge: if he asks questions that the seller had not asked himself, and asks him about his more specific needs and deadlines, the signs are good.

Neither rising nor falling prices

As commented Ferran Font From, the sale price proposed by the real estate agency can also give clues about their professionalism, as long as they contact different agencies to be able to compare their valuations, which are free. You should not trust either too high or too low selling price proposals.

Some agencies choose, as a customer acquisition strategy, to recommend an excessively high sale price, knowing that it is excessive, in order to create expectations in the owner, which end up not being fulfilled. A sale price that is too high will result in the inability to sell the property, which will eventually have to be lowered in price.

Other real estate companies, for their part, choose to recommend an excessively low sale price in order to achieve a sale without much effort that ensures a quick commission, but at the cost of a reduction in the amount that the seller will receive.

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