Twitter begins allowing users with more than 600 followers to podcast live


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Traditional social networks are bent on compete with Clubhouse. Twitter has announced that its platform Spaces, which allows live podcasting through the social network, has become available for all those users who have a minimum of 600 followers on the platform.

“Based on what we’ve learned so far, these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations because of their existing audience. Before bringing the ability to create a space to everyone, we focused on learning more, making it easier to discover the ‘spaces’ and helping people to enjoy them with a large audience ”, highlighted the social network in a
on the reasons why, at the moment, it only allows the use of Spaces to users who have a minimum of followers.

As highlighted from the site, Internet users access Twitter “To talk about what is happening.” Now Spaces allows that, in addition to being able to read the publications of people who are followed, their voices can be heard and talked about what is happening.

From tweeting to speaking, reading and listening, Spaces fosters and unlocks real, open conversations on Twitter with the authenticity and nuance, depth and power that only the human voice can bring. The spaces are for small and intimate conversations with a few more, or for great discussions about what is happening at the moment with thousands of listeners, “they point out from the social network.

The company has also announced other novelties that will come to its podcasting service in the future, among which the paid Spaces stand out, in which participants have to pay a ticket to the organizers of a conversation. A functionality that Facebook has also announced for its equivalent platform, which is currently under development.

Features coming soon to Spaces also include the ability to schedule and set reminders -in the coming weeks-, the organization of conversations together with other people, improvements in the subtitles and new ways to discover the tool.

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