Twitter is working on new profiles for companies





Social networks are dedicating a lot of effort to improve their services so that companies can get the most out of them. This is demonstrated by cases such as that of Twitter, who is working on a version of their profiles new and dedicated, specifically, to companies.

Thanks to this novelty, a business could offer information such as opening hours, contact forms and address or allow communication by text and voice messages with the clients. A series of data that, at the moment, is already collected in other internet spaces, such as Facebook or the Google search engine.

As the reverse engineering expert has discovered Jane Manchun Wong, the business profile, known as Twitter Business Profile, is part of a pilot test located within the platform’s web application, in a recent public update.

Businesses can apply to join this business profile. In it, they can include information such as name, physical address and contact options or opening days and hours, which will be displayed publicly. You can also select whether they allow customers to communicate with them via text messages and voice calls from the profile link.

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