UGT demands that the distribution of European funds count with the participation of the unions

Javier González Navarro




The general secretary of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, has said today that the projects of the companies to obtain European funds must have the participation of the unions both in the companies and at the sectoral level and has claimed that this request, to which the Government has said that it has given the go-ahead, be translated into a rule.

During his speech at the 28th UGT-FICA congress, in which Pedro Leaves was re-elected as Secretary General, he stressed that the State should take advantage of this process not only to give subsidies to companies, but also to acquire a presence on the boards of directors of companies that operate in sectors considered strategic. «There is no reason to give these resources to companies. They should agree with the Government that, in certain sectors, the presence of the Government in the boards of directors is necessary, “said Álvarez, adding that this is already being done by Germany and France.

He has also asked the CEOE that is “loyal” and comply with the commitment that it acquired in the interconfederal collective bargaining agreement to promote the increase in the minimum wage of the agreement to 1,000 euros per month.

The Secretary General of the UGT has once again insisted on “The full repeal” of labor reforms and that the Government introduces changes in the minimum vital income to end its rigidity so that, for example, “it is valid with a responsible declaration of the person and with taking the 2019 Income as a reference.”

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After recalling, in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, that a State pact for the industry is necessary, he criticized the increase in registration tax. Referring to the fourth vice president of the Government, Teresa Ribera said that “it is very good to make the leap to the electric car, but raising the price this year for the registration of diesel cars is against the environment, against employment and against revenue of taxes in Spain ».

The Minister of Industry stressed during her speech that “it is time to reach a State pact on industry” and revealed the creation of a public-private consortium with Seat-Volkswagen and Iberdrola to set up the first battery factory in Spain near the plant of this automobile consortium in Martorell (Barcelona).

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