Vicente Fernández, protagonist of a sexual scandal

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At 80 the king of the rancheras, Vicente Fernandez, has become the protagonist of the biggest scandal of his life and in his own country. The Mexican singer has been accused of sexual harassment after a video was published on social networks in which he is grabbing a fan’s breast while they take a photo together. The images went viral on TikTok and users have been quick to express their outrage. In the comments brand him as “stalker” or “dirty old man”. “I didn’t really realize it until I saw the photo and zoomed in. I felt super violent, super angry. He shouldn’t have touched my body without my permission. I am sure that many women have experienced the same thing ”, commented the attacked young woman in an interview. Adding that she is sure that she is not the only one who has lived this experience. And he was right, since there are many more fans who have begun to share images with the singer in which he also grabs their chest.

So far the musician has not wanted to speak about it. Yes, his son Vicente Fernández Jr. has come out in his defense arguing that “I am a feminist and both my father and my mother have taught us to respect women and treat them like princesses,” he said. He also took advantage of his intervention to ask that his father’s career – 50 million records, two Grammys and seven Latin Grammys – cannot be tarnished by this scandal. Vicente Fernández, known as «Chente», gave his last concert in April 2016 at the Azteca stadium (Mexico) although he made it clear that he was getting off the stage but did not withdraw from music. Always elegant in her charro outfits, her motto is “I don’t stop singing until the audience stops clapping.”

Married for 50 years to María del Refugio, with whom he had three biological children and adopted a daughter. Two of them have followed in their father’s footsteps; Alejandro Fernandez “El Potrillo” is the one who has achieved the most success against his lesser-known brother Vicente Fernandez Jr. Together they form the Fernández dynasty of the ranchera accustomed to scandals. Especially those that surround the “colt” that carries a life of excess.

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