Victoria Abril and the fried brain club

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At this point in the pandemic, we are no longer in for nonsense. Nobody remembers the applause at eight o’clock anymore, you don’t cook bread at home or practice yoga in the living room. We all do what we can in the suffocation of this stopped world that has gotten so small. We wake up every morning like automatons without plans, every day we try. The effort not to give up is being Herculean. People are fatal, we are fatal. For that reason, at least for that reason, that they do not come to us with bullshit.

Any idiocy has the ability to spread faster than a virus. They are like the rumors that are gnawing at everything. The coronavirus deniers They are that fierce, useless, gratuitous gangrene. Cruel and dangerous, especially dangerous. You have to be irresponsible and have a deep-fried brain to say that this whole nightmare is an invention and the vaccine is little more than still water.

It is already very rare to meet someone who the coronavirus has not slapped in the face. If you have not gotten sick, someone close to you, a family member or friend will have. Maybe at first it might sound like something far away, now it doesn’t. During the first six months of all this, I hardly knew anyone sick with Covid-19. In the last half year, I have already lost count of the infected; of those who entered the ICU and those who still have sequelae. I’ve seen them, they told me themselves. They have told me the fear, the pain and the loneliness of this disease and its deaths.

Denying them all overcomes supine idiocy, it is an intolerable cruelty that increases this suffering. The words of Victoria Abril, Miguel Bosé and their army of ignorant people do harm, despair and alert. They always pose the danger that this banality will expand until it makes everything even worse. They do not deserve respect or that anyone waste a second in refuting such stupidity with them. Reality should be enough to immunize us from that tale. All this human drama is enough to deny that hallucination in which they prefer to live.

The magnitude of this tragedy is unbearable to the human mind. Thinking about it in all its dimensions is almost impossible, if you are not on the front line of hospitals and soup kitchens. The rest of us barely managed to glimpse all that reality for a few seconds. For survival, we live it on its periphery.

The fried brain club is unable to accept the fragility of this society, its unbearable lightness. When everything has become so complicated, your response to all this chaos and improvisation is simpler than the mechanism of a jug. Shamans of shame, they reduce it all to the absurd while the rest of us listen exhausted to their nonsense.

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