Victoria Federica or how to be a style icon at 21


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At twenty-one years old, Victoria Federica de Marichalar y Borbón can boast of enjoying a full life in which little influence the ‘what will they say’ and where he has known how to take advantage of every moment. From his circle of friends – in which influencers such as María García de Jaime or the singer Omar Montes stand out – to love relationships, or the way he enjoys his leisure time. A philosophy in which contrasts predominate and that is reflected in his way of dressing, because despite his youth, his style is very marked and like that of any young man his age, he has gone through various stages.

During their adolescence the jeans and sneakers They were her star combo, but she was in charge of adding a ‘boho’ air with caftans, ethnic prints and XXL blouses. Garments that recall the looks worn by her mother, the Infanta Elena, and that along with her favorite hairstyle, a long braid, made comparisons between the two inevitable.

In his adolescence, the & # 039; boho & # 039; style predominated.
In his adolescence the ‘boho’ style predominated – © Gtres

The basic garments with simple cuts with a color palette among which neutrals and black stood out, where some accessory was responsible for breaking the look. Simple styles with meticulously thought out details with which he already made clear his interest in fashion and that they culminated on the day of his 18th birthday party. A coming-out with more than 300 guests where she dazzled with one of her most popular outfits. A red dress with rhinestones made by Lorenzo Caprile for the occasion that he complemented with an ‘earcuff’ of Suarez.

On the left, with Beltrán Lozano at the wedding of María Garcia de Jaime and Tomás Paramo.  On the right, in a sunset dress by Lorenzo Caprile
On the left, with Beltrán Lozano at the wedding of María Garcia de Jaime and Tomás Paramo. On the right, in a sunset dress by Lorenzo Caprile

From that moment, Victoria took another step and began to make the trends his own with more ease, configuring the wardrobe with which it is now considered a benchmark thanks to its versatility and success in surprising without losing elegance. His style could be summed up with certain key points explained below.

The highlights of your wardrobe

-‘Mix’ of brands: Among the most affordable brands, in addition to Zara and Mango, it opts for other emerging brands such as Noon or Cul de Sac. It also has a list of luxury brand clothing and accessories where Loewe, Louis Vuitton and Chanel predominate.

Luxury brands are not lacking in your dressing room
Luxury brands are not lacking in your dressing room – © Gtres

-Shoes: Like any girl her age, she has an extensive collection of sneakers, including the Vans Old Skool in various colors, the Converse Superstar with double sole, Adidas and other very popular firms among the more ‘posh’ Spanish as for example, See the Supreme.

-Ripped jeans: in recent times his favorites are high waisted, straight cut and ripped. He usually combines them with more formal blouses or blazers with which he balances the look and achieves a more modern touch.

-Overlays: vests are one of her favorite options to give the outfit a more casual ‘hippie’ air. He prefers those that are long with hardly any shape and that in many cases resemble a cape.

The basics always have a hole in your dressing room
The basics always have a place in your dressing room – © Gtres

-Blouses and shirts: along with jeans and sneakers are her other staple. She prefers them with puffed sleeves, mandarin collars and ethnic prints.

-XXL Jewelry: her preferences for ‘boho chic’ are also reflected in costume jewelery, where she usually opts for large gold earrings with striking shapes (feathers, earrings, beads …) and large pendants that she superimposes on basic shirts or t-shirts.

– Black and white: your favorite combo, both day and night.

Black and white, your star combination
Black and white, his star combination – © Gtres

-Folkloric inspiration: feels devotion to those garments that include embroidery, fringes, ruffles, or are made of fabrics that could well be part of a regional costume. Your essentials: long scarf-shaped skirts, jackets with large flowers, blouses with hanging threads, satin kimonos …

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