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Teresa Helbig go back to MBFWMadrid in its 74th edition to celebrate 25 years of experience with a collection that is committed to craftsmanship, ‘savoir faire’, timelessness and responsible and quality consumption. In all his career years since Teresa Helbig They have worked with the sole objective of empowering and favoring women, compiling stories that will be passed down from generation to generation. A trajectory that the designer herself defines as a constant and exciting challenge, that of «keeping up with that unrelenting desire for excellence, for wanting to improve ourselves day by day. The innovation in techniques and fabrics it is always the spearhead of our collections; We never take no for an answer. And the best gift that his professional career has been able to give him is being able to «Continue working for and for women, with the sole objective of empowering and favoring them», Teresa tells.

The designer Teresa Helbig with one of the glasses she has designed with MÓ
The designer Teresa Helbig with one of the glasses she has designed with MÓ

And it is that neither the designer nor her team have stopped the hard work of their craft and in this new edition of fashion shows they present a collection that pays tribute to all the muses who have inspired her since she was little. «Glamor, excess, fantasy, sophistication … Framed in Los Angeles, this collection is a tribute to my big screen muses, yesterday and today, who have inspired me and continue to do so after 25 years. Since I was little I have been very cinephile: my parents took me to the movies weekly and I did nothing but dream in those wonderful universes, with that Hollywood glamor, that ignited the flame of my curiosity about everything, “he confesses.

A collection whose name begins as one of many stories, in this case a story in which Teresa Helbig highlights the importance of surrounding herself with a great team. «My mother and I had a shared vision when we started 25 years ago, and together with our ‘petites mains’ and the whole team, we have been advancing and climbing little by little, but with perseverance and passion. The stories sometimes omit the most arduous parts that in real life we ​​must face, there is no other. The important thing is not to avoid these difficulties, but to be surrounded by great people with whom to overcome them.

“The best gift of all these years has been to continue working for and for women, with the sole objective of empowering and favoring them”
Teresa Helbig , Designer

He is optimistic about the future of the industry and thinks that the great challenge in this regard “It is not creative, if not industry”. He is aware that the pandemic has accentuated concern about excessive production and consumption, in favor of a new model that values ​​the garment: its origin, its finishes, its potential longevity. “At Helbig we have always created bespoke jewelery designed to be enjoyed from generation to generation. It seems that time is beginning to prove us right ».

Models during the Teresa Helbig fashion show at MBFWMadrid
Models during the Teresa Helbig fashion show at MBFWMadrid – © San Bernardo

A very special collaboration

Glasses from the Teresa Helbig x MÓ collection
Glasses from the Teresa Helbig x MÓ collection

And there is no challenge that can resist the designer, during her fashion show Teresa Helbig has presented her new collection of glasses MÓ x Teresa Helbig, a very special collaboration with the MÓ de Multiópticas firm that arises in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, at a time of change and uncertainty in which both firms decide that they want to surprise, shock and excite. «We launched into the project with great enthusiasm. It’s the first time we’ve made a foray into the optical worldAnd working with the MÓ team, which has allowed us to conceptualize and shape the Helbig universe with absolute freedom, has been an exciting and very fruitful challenge.

A collection made up of 5 sun and see-through models that give a special touch to any style and, as Teresa explains: «Glasses play a very important contextualizing role within the collection, a very particular language that places us in a space, a place, a moment … In our case, this collaboration places us directly in Los Angeles, at the chateaau Marmont, in the 70s ». “We have been inspired by the duality and contradiction of a Helbig woman, the unbridled glamor of Hollywood versus the laid-back, hyper-sophisticated pace of the West Coast,” he explains.

Models with glasses designed by Teresa Helbig for MÓ de Multiópticas
Models with the glasses designed by Teresa Helbig for MÓ de Multiópticas

What’s more, all glasses in the collection include a semi-rigid case Inspired by the Teresa Helbig collection suitcases, with contrast trim, velvet lined interior, suede and long strap to hang as a crossbody. The pack that accompanies Mó Drew, the ‘petite’ glasses of the collection is a soft case type begging in a pink velvet finish, removable long chain, an original interior print to match the collection and a matching card and suede

Style keys and upcoming challenges

Model from Teresa Helbig's fashion show in MBFWMadrid with sunglasses
Model from Teresa Helbig’s fashion show in MBFWMadrid with sunglasses – © San Bernardo

If I had to choose only one accessory …

For me, glasses are an essential accessory, but I am also a good jewel, an off-road bag… I think this collection with MÓ reflects a bit that eclecticism and timelessness that I always look for in every accessory, whatever it is.

Three infallible garments

I will tell you three timeless classics that I constantly turn to: an oversized black blazer, a good denim and a white blouse with gold glitter, very Helbig.

What is your next challenge?

We have two great horizons: Internationalization, specifically in Los Angeles where we have had a fantastic reception, and our most recent launch, PETITE HELBIG, which was born with the illusion and vision of dressing this new generation of girls who, without a place to doubts, they will lead the world of tomorrow.

Where do you see yourself in another 25 years?

Doing what we have been doing throughout our trajectory: working tirelessly in favor of savoir faire, craftsmanship, timelessness, that Helbig woman, who never goes unnoticed. I see us with the same passion and enthusiasm, taking great care of our clients, creating wonderful collections that make us dream, immersed in projects that make us very excited….

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