Wearing the bikini backwards, the trend that triumphs this summer 2021 and how to carry it out

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This summer trends revolve around the same pattern that bets on the comfort and the use of many clothes that we already had in the closet. Since betting on the versatility of flat sandals that you can wear with almost any style; to the light and fresh dresses, star garment these months to survive hot days, optimized suitcases to the max for a vacation in style or swimsuits that this season they even go out on the streets.

And it is that when we thought that swimwear was all seen, social networks give one more twist to the classic triangle bikini to be worn inside out. A trend, which despite what may be thought at first glance, is flattering and yes, very simple to carry out with a bikini that most probably will already have in their closet.

How do you flip the bikini?

From the most international famous as the clan Kardashian in full or Emily Ratajkowski; a Gala González, Laura Escanes O Marta Carriedo, among others, are some of those who bet on placing their bikini in unthinkable ways.

Knotted at the back, crossed at the front, strapless, zig-zag … There are different possibilities to turn the bikini on its head and social networks -as well as many famous and fashion experts- are certainly a clear example of how to carry the trend of the moment and succeed in beaches, swimming pools and swamps this summer.

In the variety is the spice

– Knotted at the back: It is the simplest way, it consists of placing the triangles inverted and knotting as usual around the neck and back. Leaving that yes, the area of ​​the gathered at the neckline.

– Crossed in the abdomen: As on the previous occasion, the top of the bikini will be placed inverted, making the first knot at the neck and passing the waist strips several times through the abdomen creating different crosses.

– Word of honor: It also consists of placing the bikini inside out but knotting all the straps at the back under the arms, creating a “strapless” effect. It is among all, the most flattering to avoid marks when sunbathing.

– Crossed at the neckline: In this version, after placing the bikini upside down and tying the lower strap at the back, a crossing will be made in the neckline area with the upper straps and then knotted in the nape area.

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