What the new moon in Leo in July 2022 means astrologically for you


I usually shy away from making predictions about current events in astrology; These types of subjects are often too tricky and nuanced for me to feel confident in the usefulness of the insights. Still, I’m impressed with the upcoming new moon horoscope vibrating with recent events.

What is a “T-Square” and How Could It Affect You This Month?

Let’s look at the individual components of it first T square, beginning with the squaring of the planets. We have explosive anger and impulsive action with Uranus and Mars in Taurus. Taurus is a “female” sign (also called “yin” or receptive sign) ruled by Venus, which is often concerned with the body and the way things are done physically feel in a very tangible way.

These are located next to the North Node of Destiny, which tells us that action is necessary to advance and learn spiritual lessons. This looks like righteousness and rebellion – a blast, a boom, a bang. Then we have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Leo in the 9th house. We see people shouting their truths, sharing their stories and creating art to express their outrage at existing power structures, injustices and inequalities in the world.

Finally, in contrast, we have Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, which raises big questions: Are the structures we are building (or reinventing) for the good of them? Everyone? What can we do as individuals, groups and whole communities? While these questions are by no means easy to answer, they will surely keep swirling around amid the many, many difficult issues facing our world today.

Some aspects of astrology are subtle and often express themselves through inner experiences or our relationships with other people and the world. Others are less so and may instead manifest themselves in very physical (ie concrete) events. I expect this new moon in Leo to be the latter; this is an aspect that demands our attention and creates a lot of energy – energy that wants to be expressed. It can even indicate the volatility of the upcoming lunar cycle. This will likely Not be both a calm feeling in your soul and an outer manifestation. Something in your life will feel this explosive energy. The horoscope is ruled by Mars in Taurus, who wishes to project a calm, grounded exterior even when unconscious anger and even fear fester beneath the surface.

So how can we work with this energy without letting it overwhelm us? From an astrologer’s perspective, this is not the time to start anything new. Instead, focus on feeling deeply what’s going on inside you. Sometimes we experience emotions that are difficult, shameful, and even painful to express, like suppressed anger. Still, these feelings need to be addressed in whatever way makes the most sense for you and your needs, whether that be through writing, making art, talking, or screaming into a pillow. Don’t let yourself be poisoned – Let it out.

The jury is in agreement on whether the planets “affect” us or really “cause” something. However, almost all astrologers agree that there is always a correlation between what the planets are doing and what is happening here on Earth. (You may have heard the expression “as above, so below”—it’s a favorite among professional astrologers and can be found in many metaphysical and philosophical texts.) It’s not surprising, then, that the chart reflects our uncertain times.

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