What to wear in Italy


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If you are planning an Italian trip this summer, you are in luck. Italy is one of our favorite countries in the world, full of rich history, stunning topography, delicious food and beautiful fashion. Whether you are spending time by the ocean, hiking and exploring the countryside, passing through ancient ruins or eating all the delicious pasta, there is never a shortage of fun activities. In short, you will have a great trip. The only real problems you will face are determining the acceptable time of day for the first time – and deciding on the packaging.

Whether you’re exploring the canals of Venice, diving in Capri water or walking in the Tuscan countryside, you will appreciate this summary of what we are bringing to Italy this summer. It will probably be warm, but sometimes it may be cool at night. You will need easy sarongs, matching sets, comfortable shoes, and of course one or two swimsuits. Plus, a quality crossover is essential for day-to-day adventure and night out. Continue reading to buy our selection and save some fresh focus from us!

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