WhatsApp: WhatsApp launches new ‘stickers’ about vaccines: so you can download them

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The Covid-19 It has not only cracked, practically completely, our daily life; It has also forced us to use new means to communicate with those that previously filled our days. We are even receiving new emoticons to refer to the disease, such as those that coming soon to iPhone when iOS version 14.5 is available. Now the messaging ‘app’ WhatsApp has announced the arrival of a new wave of ‘stickers’ referring to vaccines against the coronavirus that are being administered globally.

“As we slowly move towards the time of meeting again in person, we hope that our users continue to share ideas, experiences and messages of hope privately with their family and friends through WhatsApp,” they say from the messaging application.

The sticker pack is called «Vaccines for all»And is now available to all users of the application. Among those available are a doctor, hands holding syringes and making the victory sign with their fingers, band-aids and images of popular races, dances and reunions, among others.

To download them, the user must open his WhatsApp and enter a conversation, either individual or group. After this, you will have to click on the icon of the ’emojis’, collected in the shape of a happy face, and look for the one of ‘stickers’, which appears as an adhesive that is peeling off. Finally, you must ‘click’ on the ‘+’ option and you can download the package you want, including this one.

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