When what you do in the company influences the way you educate your children at home



We are the same person. As much as some people insist on saying that they behave in a totally different way at home, behaviors are not movable garments, much less beliefs. While it is true that we adopt masks to adapt to the environment, our essence is still here, it marks our identity and our thoughts dictate our behaviors in any environment.

Far beyond the principle of justice, equality and diversity allow us to live happier and create a society that evolves in line with current changes.

What are the links between who we are in the company, the education we provide to our children and our way of living as a couple? How inclusive or egalitarian do we behave at home? And at work? What role do our educational thoughts play when it comes to leading teams or relating to others in the company? What awareness do we have of it?

There are many more links than we think. The first, the incredible need for exemplarity to project in both environments. When learning by mimicry, the human being needs actions, concrete evidence. Whether as a collaborator, manager or parent, they copy us for better and for worse. How are you exemplary on issues of diversity and inclusion? What is it that still costs you? And beyond what you think, how do you really look? How often do you use or laugh at sexist jokes? What do you do to be more inclusive? In your partner, who takes care of the care? How do you manage the emotions of your collaborators? And those of your children?

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There are several threads to understand the impact of our “professional self” on our “personal self” … Here is a small sample:

The fight against identification

Our brain seeks to understand and goes easy, often similar. If at work I usually surround myself (recruiting, drinking coffee …) with people like me, to what extent am I learning? What space do I leave for what is different from me?

My ability to distance myself, promote plural talent, surround myself with people who think differently is key to also instilling it in my children and thus, fostering their own uniqueness instead of wanting (often unconsciously) to be “mini clones” of ours.

Emotional management and its central role in life

With the pandemic, emotions have become essential for the proper functioning of companies. Allowing yourself to feel them, show them, use them to value the work of others, as well as not putting gender on it, are levers to connect with anyone, including your family. Not to mention the incredible confidence that comes from being “genuinely vulnerable” to your surroundings. Our inner children are the key to connecting as human beings and breaking down the walls of miscommunication. If you do not pull your hierarchical power to say no at work and first try to understand the person, then say no to their request and open the door to alternatives, dealing with your children can be impacted and for the better.

Breaking stereotypes at work and at home

I still remember my amazement when my 3-year-old son told me that there were no bosses, only bosses. Where did he get such a belief? This conversation was one of the reasons, years later, to accept a position as Country Manager to show him and his sister the opposite … Just as for a man it can be key to reduce his working day … As parents, we have a responsibility: to make visible that neither hierarchy nor courage has gender, that work can be as important as having children, and that everyone has the right to reconcile. Success does not understand gender. Taking care of the language, daring to push our children off the beaten track, we will make them experience the difference as something brilliant and complete.

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Every step counts. Which one are you going to give?

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