White clothes for summer 2022


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There is no doubt that white clothes are a sign of summer – and your wardrobe is not complete until you find the right clothes. Since the sunny days are ahead, we help you to be ready with white clothes for every style, every budget and every occasion, and be ready all summer long. Think beautiful beachwear, comfortable maxi models and even a cocktail dress. There is virtually no occasion, except for a wedding where you are a guest, where a white dress is not appropriate. We are even in favor of white after Labor Day, which we know is controversial.

Think of this as your ultimate shopping guide – all the best options are in one place. From sexy clothes to lightweight models that are suitable for the beach and everything else, we cover you. From lace fabrics that are soft and romantic to corset dresses that make you stand out, there is really something for all different styles. Get ready to buy the main accessories that you wear over and over again this season. You will be ready to call in a classic wardrobe in the sunniest season. Choose these top picks before selling!

Additional Report by Missy Kate Williams

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