Whose is the original Cristina Pedroche dress to give the Chimes of New Year’s Eve 2021





Once again, transparencies, a large dose of daring and a surprise effect in the Cristina Pedroche dress in Las Campanadas. His is the best kept secret of the year and the most anticipated style of the Holidays. The breaker dress that the presenter chooses to eat the grapes before the Antena 3 audience generates enormous expectation every New Year’s Eve. To respond to the pressure, in this 2021 Pedroche and her stylist Josie they have chosen to resort to the history of fashion instead of a new design created exclusively for the occasion, as was usual with them until now. Thus, the chosen model is deceased designer Manuel Piña, reminds an insect and it belongs to the collection that his family bequeathed after his death to his town, Manzanares (Ciudad Real).

Cristina Pedroche de Pina.

It is an original piece created in iridescent openwork taffeta, with metallic finishes and two rings that provide geometric volume as a shell of a beetle, precisely the insect that was the logo of the disappeared Piña brand, one of the most important Spanish designers of the Movida, who died in 1994 at the age of 50.

The fancy dress Chosen by Pedroche for New Year’s Eve 2021, it belongs to Piña’s spring/summer 1991 collection, which was precisely inspired by the metamorphosis of insects and reptiles. Like the one Pedroche suffers every year at this year-end gala, for which chef Dabiz Muñoz’s wife prepares for months attending to all the details of her outfit, makeup and hairstyle.

The whole look.
The whole look.

The design that has finally been worn in these Bells came out of a museum, and therefore aims to pay homage to its creator but also to the history of Spanish fashion, its great names and its creative talent. But Josie and Pedroche have not resisted giving him its touch of modernity and even more carefree, while betting on other national creators, in this case current. To do this, they have decided to combine the Pineapple ‘insect’ with the overlay of a winged cape by Buj Studio and curious accessories by Manuel Albarrán.

Pedroche’s dress accessories

Both additions to the museum dress that Pedroche has worn on this New Year’s Eve 2021 have caused controversy and conflicting opinions, something that is already in the DNA of the Christmas look that the famous presenter presents each year. The winged layer follows the line of metamorphosis of butterflies and dragonflies, and required more than 500 hours of manual work. Behind Buj Studio is the designer and architect Raquel Buj, which explores the union between both disciplines and recovers materials from other fields with crafts and technology.

Sketch by Buj Studio.
Sketch by Buj Studio.

This experimental design included 3D printing and material recycling from Buj’s previous architectural projects, with the idea of ​​giving them a new life through fashion. It was made with transparent PET-type sheets, water-soluble sheets and thermofusible textile fibers. With heat, the team shaped them into wings and assembled them.

As for the rest of the accessories, they are the work of Albarrán, meanwhile, an expert in haute couture with metal, corsetry, leather and other elements. He is responsible for designing the helmet with which Pedroche covered his head, the galactic air shoes and the presenter’s nails. The creator has worked in advertising and video clips, and has previously signed pieces for other celebrities, some of the stature of Cara Delevngne, Beyoncé or Angelina Jolie.

Sketch by Manuel Albarrán.
Sketch by Manuel Albarrán.

The controversial shiny helmet worn by the presenter of Antena 3 was made with brass, which was worked by hand with a hammer on a metal plate until the desired curved shape and the perfect fit on his head were achieved. It then underwent a chrome plating process to obtain its final result and shine. The second big surprise of the night was when, after the grapes, Pedroche took it off and, instead of hair, he wore a bald spot created as an effect to complete the look. Josie announced a few days ago that at the last minute she had thought of a new detail to go further with the look, and that she had managed to convince Pedroche of it, not without effort.

As for the original futuristic shoes that completed the extravagant festive attire, Albarrán devised them and then manufactured them by molding layers of stainless steel.

Behind her, Josie

Pedroche trusts Josie, knows that the stylist, journalist and ‘influencer’ controls fashion and trends like nobody else, and that he has that point of provocation that she also likes to generate in the public with each of her appearances, and to a superlative degree with her risky New Year’s Eve looks.

The expert spends months conceptualizing and crafting his friend’s look for the Chimes. This year he advanced that he had proposed risk even more with your styling, and that she ended up accepting. So it has been. Her ‘winged insect dress’ does not leave anyone indifferent nor could it be guessed, although Pedroche has already been seen with all kinds of creations, from dresses that left her figure almost bare to golden armor.

Josie and Pedroche.
Josie and Pedroche.

Josie, or José Fernández-Pacheco, famous in turn for television programs such as MasterChef, Zapeando or Supermodel, is from Manzanares, like Piña, and hence his connection with the designer whom he has rescued today with the image of Pedroche in the grapes. «I have always been indebted to Manuel Piña, because since I was a child with a vocation to dedicate myself to fashion I was able to enjoy him as a close benchmark of success in that world that from La Mancha was seen so far away… I owed him a tribute for a long time and I am very happy to have been able to do it together with Cristina Pedroche in an event with maximum audience”, explains the stylisa.

And he adds: «If there is a child with my same vocation and has seen this style from a place far away from this industry, (I want) to tell him to check the figure of Piña; because you will discover a self-taught genius who reached the top with high doses of passion and effort… You will realize that it is possible to get where you want if you dream hard and work hard.».

Pedroche, for his part, explained shortly before giving the chimes along with chef Alberto Chicote to the audience that his outfit was a symbol. «Society is being reborn -he maintained in his message- like the metamorphosis of my dress», while making a call to reaffirm in this time of freedom, identity, love and respect for the LGTB community.

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