Why we like old and decrepit Michael Douglas more than Basic Instinct

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A few days ago an article about Kate Winslet With a headline similar to that of this column, it generated a predictable controversy on social networks. Its author only spoke the truth: By Hollywood standards, the actress is overweight and with obvious wrinkles in her new series on HBO. Seeing it like this, naturally, is extraordinary and we should ask ourselves why it impacts so much. There will always be someone who says that it is not surprising that the protagonist of Titanic has a belly and crow’s feet, who thinks she is great. And it is true, it is stupendous, the strange thing is to see in the firmament of the movie superstars what they call “signs of age.”

What I liked the most about the article was the headline. When you have a good starter, you have to defend it. Especially because, when it is controversial, you can imagine the criticism from the moment you type the first letter. Using that resource is tempting. In these columns, for example, sometimes I feel like noise, and sometimes I don’t. Read the headline and you will know when.

Said that I like Michael Douglas best in ‘The Kominsky Method’ than on ‘Wall Street’ or ‘Basic Instinct’. Comparing him to Kate Winslet in ‘Mare of Eastown’ is impudent, of course, although she is also superb (as always); especially since they are separated by 31 years. In that firmament, they call her old at 45; We have had to see him with 76 to realize that he is.

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Douglas is wonderful in his Netflix series. Old, stiff, fantastic and with hair. It touches your soul in each chapter as an actor come less than he settled for being an acting teacher. Sandy Kominsky (Douglas) tells us that in the twilight of life we ​​can also fall in love, have sex and, of course, reconcile with our past and with ourselves.

Alan Arkin is the best of the series, his are the best lines of the script. Kathleen Turner plays a timely and wonderful role. A doctor asks Sandy: “How could you leave such an amazing woman?” If you have seen ‘The War of the Rose’ it is almost impossible that those words do not make you smile. Douglas and Turner together 32 years after that movie. ‘The Kominsky Method’ tells us that in old age the heart can open to accommodate reconciliations that seem impossible in youth. And that, even if your ass is already hanging, you can fulfill your dreams. It’s never too late.

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