Women still earn almost 5,000 euros less than men

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The union of technicians of the Ministry of Finance, Gestha, regretted this Friday that the wage gap has widened by 33 euros during the last year, so that women still they charge 4,948 euros less than men. This is revealed by the progress of the fifth edition of the report ‘Salary gap and glass ceiling’ carried out by Gestha on the occasion of the Day for Salary Equality of 2021 that is celebrated this Saturday.

Technicians admit that, although in 2019 the gap increased just half that of a year earlier, at this rate, it would take 121 years to end these inequalities. In percentage terms, lwomen would have to charge 27.6% more to equal the salary of men, as shown by the latest data from the Tax Agency.

The salary differences are especially significant in the Community of Madrid, where women earn 7,754 euros less. On the contrary, the most egalitarian autonomy in this sense would be Extremadura, where the remuneration differences amount to just over 2,770 euros.

In an analysis by income bracket, It is in the highest places where grievances are concentrated of the wage gap. In fact, while women earn 62 euros more than men in the range between 18,900 and 25,200 euros in annual salary, they receive almost 37,500 euros less when their salaries climb above 126,000 euros year.

In this sense, Gestha explains that the reasons would be precariousness and the so-called glass ceiling, since almost 4 million women would not reach the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), that is, 44% of the total employed.

In addition, they point out that the occupation of women decreases as the level of remuneration increases of jobs, such that the presence of women falls below 40% in paid positions from 44,100 euros, until they occupy less than a quarter of the positions of more than 94,500 euros, or be less than two women out of every ten managerial positions that earn more than 126,000 euros per year.

For all this, urgen to take action against the wage gap, especially considering that the Council of Ministers approved last Tuesday an institutional declaration in which it undertakes to fight against the salary differences between one and the other.

Among them, they cite the increase in the number of places both in public schools for children from 0 to 3 years old and in specialized centers for the attention and care of the elderly or dependent, because the salary differences are aggravated especially in the ages in which motherhood and care for the elderly are concentrated.

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