Wrinkles on the forehead: how to remove them?


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The forehead wrinkles are expression or dynamic wrinkles, that is, those produced by the repetition of a movement, in this specific case, due to the repetitive contraction of the frontalis muscle. Although they are wrinkles that, in principle, are only visible when gesticulating, with the passage of time, they disappear deepening and are appreciated even when the muscle is relaxed. Frown It is constantly the main reason for the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, but there are other factors that also contribute to the fact that these expression lines can appear at an early age.

The Dr. Beatriz Valero Serrano, an expert in aesthetic medicine and director of the clinic that bears her name, explains that “the wrinkles on the forehead begin to show around 35-40 years, and over time, they end up being static and permanent wrinkles, because the puckering areas lose collagen and elasticity.

Although it is normal for them to appear over the years, they are also seen in young people, because these wrinkles have a lot to do with the expressiveness of the face and skin type (they appear before in thin and dry skins)».

Moisturizing the skin and sun protection help prevent wrinkles on the forehead

Skin hydration is one of the essential steps to take care of your health and beauty. A hydrated skin it is stronger against external agents such as cold, and it also looks brighter and more beautiful. But also, as explained by the Doctor Jose Maria Ricart, medical director of the Ricart Medical Institute at Ruber Internacional Paseo de la Habana Madrid, «hydration of the skin is essential to prevent wrinkles, which is why they usually appear earlier in dry and especially dehydrated skin. You have to follow a proper skin care routine, guaranteed hydration. In addition to moisturizing the skin, the Dr. Beatriz Beltran, a cosmetic doctor specializing in antiaging and orthomolecular nutrition, and director of the homonymous clinic, recommends “using a beauty routine at night that contains retinol to make the skin more elastic and adapt much more to the muscular movement of that area».

On the other hand, Dr. José María Ricart adds that another factor that can cause wrinkles on the forehead to appear earlier and more markedly is sun exposure. “The prolonged unprotected sun exposure It directly affects the deterioration of collagen, which is a fundamental protein to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkles.

Keeping your skin hydrated and using sunscreen daily helps prevent forehead wrinkles from appearing prematurely.
Keeping your skin hydrated and using sunscreen daily helps prevent forehead wrinkles from appearing prematurely. – Gtres

Even though the dry and fine skin are the most prone to an early appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, doctor Carlos Morales Raya, clinical and aesthetic dermatologist and director of the clinic that bears his name, comments that they are “the thick and oily skin in which, over time, the wrinkles are capable of deepening and therefore more difficult to correct».

Botox, the best treatment to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead

When it comes to dynamic wrinkles in the upper third of the face, the Botulinum toxin it becomes the most recommended treatment by experts to eliminate them and also to prevent them. “Through its use the force of contraction is decreased to flatten the wrinkle and prevent it from going deeper. It is used in certain areas and at different depths to relax the muscles without paralyzing them, thus obtaining a effective and natural result», points out Dr. Morales Raya.

Botox is the best treatment to prevent and correct forehead wrinkles.
Botox is the best treatment to prevent and correct forehead wrinkles. – Gtres

The botox It is, perhaps, the aesthetic treatment with the worst reputation. According to Dr. Beatriz Valero Serrano “unfounded. It is a widely tested and studied medicine, which is used in the treatment of some neurological and ophthalmological pathologies. In aesthetic medicine it has been used for more than 20 years with very good results. But it is essential that it be applied only by medical professionals with proper training. The face does not swell or change after infiltrations of the toxin, expressiveness is not lost, wrinkles do not get worse after the disappearance of the effect. It is a very good treatment safe and effective that manages to smooth existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. It can be applied at any time of the year, it allows the patient to return to their usual routine immediately and is practically painless». The effects of Botox usually last between 4 and 6 months, depending on factors such as the thickness of the skin, the power of the muscle, gesticulation… So for the results to be maintained over time, it is necessary to repeat it at least twice a year.

Other treatments that also help improve them

When the forehead wrinkles are very marked and are visible even without gesturing, Dr. Beatriz Beltrán advises «using a hyaluronic acid treatment, to fill in that marked wrinkle and make it disappear». Among the benefits of hyaluronic acid, Dr. Ricart points out “hydrating the skin, by helping to retain water in the epidermis, facilitating rcellular innovation and maintain the correct structure of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that the body reabsorbs over time, that is, it is also necessary to repeat the infiltrations to prolong the results.

For patients who do not wish to infiltrate, Dr. Beatriz Beltrán advises a laser treatment. «The Fotona Smooth helps to correct expression wrinkles without the need to use fillers or muscle relaxants. It works with an erbium laser that has a much longer pulse length than usual therefore it exerts a tightening effect and corrects wrinkles without damaging the fabric. It is recommended to carry out 3 sessions, one a month. This treatment requires about 3-4 days of complete recovery as it can leave the area a little red, although it can be covered with makeup.

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