Xiaomi works on a ‘smartphone’ with three modules to which the battery and cameras can be changed


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Telephony is advancing by leaps and bounds. In just over a year, 5G networks have gone from being available in just a handful of devices, to being present even in devices closer to the low range – at least in terms of price – rather than the low end. Now, the Chinese technology Xiaomi is working on the development of a new type of device that would be made up of three interchangeable modules.

According to the specialized medium ‘Let’s Go Digital’, the firm has recently registered a patent with the design of the ‘smartphone’ in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In the ‘renders’, shared by the portal, you can see three different interchangeable modules. The upper part includes the camera and motherboard, in the middle one is the battery, and in the bottom the speakers and the USB connection. The images show two quadruple camera modules, one vertical and the other square; and a front camera.

The patent shows that the modules are connected to each other through a system of rails that, once attached, would allow the phone to be started up. The vertical camera design includes three round lenses and a square one at the bottom. The use of this modular design according to Xiaomi in the patent, allows to carry out repairs without having to change the mobile phone completely if one of its parts breaks, which “reduces the costs of ‘hardware'”.

In addition, could be used to upgrade the device, in case the firm dares to put several differentiated modules on the market, for example, by the resolution offered by the cameras or the capacity of the battery. It should be remembered that the company already filed a patent two weeks ago on a new camera for mobile phones with a rotating mechanism under the screen to use the same sensor as the main and front camera.

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