«You have chosen the worst that there was»

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Like the arrival of an emperor after his last campaigns of conquest, Rome impatiently awaits the moment when José Mourinho steps on the Eternal City. The news of the signing of the Portuguese coach, recently fired by Tottenham Hotspur, caused a earthquake in European football and, of course, in a place as passionate as the capital of Italy. Immediately the voices for and against the charismatic coach multiplied and ran into the forum, confirming once again that the Portuguese generates controversy wherever he goes.

The most curious thing is that the first great controversy around Setúbal’s after the initial discussions about the correctness or not of his signing for Roma has arrived from the words of a historical footballer of the eternal rival, Lazio. Paolo di Canio, one of the icons of the lazial team on the pitch and off it, also has his opinion on the arrival of the Portuguese to Serie A. The problem is that his conversation in Whatsapp With a supposed friend of Roma it has come to light, and in it it does not leave the former Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United or Tottenham in a very good place.

«Cra, you have taken the worst that there was at this moment, poor thing“The former captain of Lazio expressed himself. It’s finished. The third time he was fired in four years, expelled from all sides … », he continues.

The messages of the now commentator in Sky Italy They have caused a great stir in the city and throughout the country, which is already awaiting a possible response from the Portuguese. Meanwhile, the Corriere dello Sport, He got in touch with the former footballer to explain his words. Obviously, Di Canio, who was always characterized by his strong personality, neither denied them nor apologized for them.

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First of all, I don’t have to apologize to anyone. In private conversations I do what I please. No one can be outraged. I guess what they say in private in their conversations. And I do not accept teachings, “he warned. «Second, that audio that circulated everywhere It is part of six or seven other messages in which I say other very positive things about Mourinho and they do not contradict what is heard in that. There are praises, I do not reveal them because they are private. The cowardice is that they spread only the negative, “he added.

“We also talked for fun, to make fun of a lifelong friend. A little the things you think. I am not a Roma fan, of course, but I am free from conditions. I praised Dzeko’s goal in Europe. I am 53 years old, I do not do populism, it is no longer my way of thinking. I communicate, I like to convey my opinion, which is not law», Explained bluntly.

Regarding the criticism of Mourinho, the former player recalled that “these are things that I have already said on TV, in the conversation I used a little sweetened language. I’ve been saying this about de Mourinho for three years. My friend replied ‘you are right, but Roma need enthusiasm’, and I added ‘in this you are right, Mourinho brings hope’ ».

However, Di Canio believes that «the feeling is that he no longer has that energy and patience to create environments in the Mourinho style. At Chelsea he was sent off for a mixture of situations, results and relationships with the team. At United he had problems with Pogba. These are public things, even with Mkhitaryan. At Tottenham he was fired because he was seventh. After losing to Liverpool, when he was playing for first place, he began to argue with the players and the team collapsed … “, he argued to defend his words, while Italy awaits Mourinho’s response with anticipation.

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